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Black Tiger, not like the others

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Harness the magnificence of the Black Tiger, borrow a little majesty as this is the year where the 'King' of beasts allows benefit to flow to humanity. The Tiger's native element is wood in it's yang state and the year, year 2022, as the cosmic cycle of things is the element of water/black. This is a Tiger at it's most magnanimous, an animal with less urge to devour as it has its needs have been met. Nice kitty, quiet kitty, fingers crossed.

As the tide rolls in, some potentials that may come to light. The human cause and effect will be at the forefront of conversation. This year, the Black Tiger, has the ability to look more at a more humane and magnanimous solution. This Tiger has a natural ability to lead through advice, team effort and what may support the whole as opposed to the individual. The first half will be a little full of spin, public relations advisors riding high on an all time wave, of being heard for the first time in seeming ages.

This is the year of the 'king -maker', the one with the most effective speech, the most rational voice, the one who can state their claim clearer then other interested parties. As wood relates to air as in wind. Media is an overused channel of oration and dissemination of human causes, filling the spaces with anything that appeals to our humanity as the tiger loves its own voice.

This is the year of always beware, remember this is a Tiger we are talking about, bordering on the edge of self-importance and dictatorial potential. Even if it is quiet and in shadows, it is watching and waiting. This Tiger however is more sated than previous cycles. This Tiger may be lethargic on the fill of success and it is riding on a high of its own achievement, It may feel it has arrived, all things in its path will be golden and shall fall away as the face of the kingdom has a well oiled machine at its back, it may be tempted to listen to those who are feeding the Tiger's ego, to take rest on the crest of the wave and ride it to the shore. This is the vulnerability of this Tiger year, resting on the ego, procrastinating until under pressure.

In the mid point of the year, there may be temptation to indulge in undermining values and personal morals. The Tiger may feels it deserves to relax the reins of its morality and values This maybe a step too far, forgetting how they rose to the height of power through integrity and courage. She may relax her pressure on her enemies and forget those closest, who rose her to power. If this is so, the king will be dead in the water within a year. History has repeated this on our human stage time and time again. The king won't know what happened she will still be blinded by the success of the first indiscretion. Feeling as if the wave is still cresting but underneath is a different story.

Water, cools and calms the Tiger putting the 'king' in a more peaceful frame of mind. This regal beast is a more reflective, discerning monarch, able to dig deeper to find the truth. Plumb the depths so to speak. Much will be revealed by small groups from small ideologies in forgotten corners of the globe. These truths have the potential to change human condition.

It will require a level of bravery to place your cause before the 'king', to air it in this year when all seems out of reach. Trust yourself and face the magistrate and with truth state your case clearly. Maintain clarity and efficiency of speech with all the background research done. Dither, gabble, appear disorganised with no clear benefit to the subjects in her rule, the Tiger may not rule in your favour.

The main modis of operandi of the Tiger is not to change anything, just rule, continue forward make the seeds grow. If it is alive, grow it. If it is dead, break it down. To change anything already in play will need a clear vision to easily attract the attention of the Tiger. Do everything and let it be easy for the change to happen.

This year is not the time to explore loopholes, push things into a grey area, use slight of hand or just line up a lot of unfounded BS to get what you want. Truth, clarity and be rewarded. This tiger is less distracted by 'shiny things', less tolerant of procrastination and less impulsive. It considers its time important so 'Chop, Chop! don't beat around the bush'

As the year moves through mid-point, there will be smooth speeches, charismatic flare in words and actions. If you find decisions are out of individual control, off-centre to you and your values. If you feel a sense of swinging emotions, somewhere between sympathy and fear, you are not in the presence of the Black Tiger. Potentially, you have become distracted by something else. Maintain your course, your plan, The Water Tiger is encouraging us to reach deep into our true values. It is time to take something forward, grow a seed from another time into a present form.

Be prepared for surprise, things appearing to have started, as if things are already mid-way along and under some other form of control. Things can be going along swimmingly then 'pop!' something deep under the visible level pops out for airing. It will be potentially related to what's happening or maybe to what you're doing. It just needed to move forward quicker. If you want to start something new, and you've been a bit shy of hitting the start button. Don't go looking to nut out the nitty gritty, the fiddly bits, Tiger has no patience for that. Once you say what it is you want to do, Tiger reckons that is what you want do, so do that. Everything about the year is, just do it. Leap to catch the train, you may be surprised where you land even if it feels half way in the making.

The Tiger is the energy of Nature in full growth - seeming unstoppable, continuous and never-ending. In this constant state of growth. Find something you enjoy, calms you, brings a sense of peace, to grow with. If its not growing things may feel overwhelming as everything continues to grow around you. In this state things may feel harder to do, maintain. If it's not growing, then cut it away, break it down and build something else.

Tiger in its most benevolent energy is in its unseen form, like steam, mist that moves through all things, it is the quickening its the energy that modulates humidity, it is the moment before a cloud forms, it is the soft mountain air that moves without wind. It is every life giving breath that starts the seed, opens a bud, splits a cell. It is the moment of choice to be or not to be. When facing a Tiger this is a question we possibly most have to mind.

How does a seed grow? Move from the realm of earth into the realm of air. How does it choose if it is root or branch, uplift in the face of gravity? The Black Tiger, of all the Tigers, ponders these questions and seeks to solve them.

I hope you enjoyed this little meander through the year of such a powerful, illusive and warlike beast and how its influence as we cycle through the cosmos, travel the seasons of our soul on this planet expressing our human condition.

The next instalment will be how your birth year potentially is influenced by this cosmic positioning.

Kong Hee Fat Choy! Happy New Year!

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