Unfolding at the Right Time

Uriel's Temple has been a practicing place of vital energy wellbeing since 2020. Combining body, breath, nature, earth energy, cosmic forces and meditation and mindfulness, we promote awareness of the interdependency, a harmonious balance of all these aspects in personal energetic health and wellbeing.

Hi I'm Kathleen Aisthorpe, the owner of Uriel's Temple. My journey in all things spiritual, traditional and alternate, really began after a bit of a profound experience when I was minding my own business one day at the age of nine. I was told, at the time, I had 'been called by name by a voice of God'. Time has unfolded this experience and needless to say it left me in an 'awakened' state. So this sort of set the scene, as my life to this point has been punctuated by some pretty profound 'un-sort-after' experiences of a similar nature involving; inspiration, healing, visitation, manifestation and conversation. For me all things spiritual must have a practical application, must be simple in practice, must relate to now and must be for everyone. There are many things I am not and there are many things I am, but mostly I'm just, me. To quote an old friend, 'If we get too Heavenly, we can't be of any Earthly use.'

At Uriel's Temple, we have utilised time, to gather in one place, the simplest, and best quality products and practices combined with an in-depth understanding of the human journey and the inner alchemy that may initiate awareness, opening 'the temples', empowering one’s own practice and life process, simply and effectively.

Our signature sessions are; Aura-Soma® consultations, Chakra colour massage, meditation, Sacred Circle and more. Things unfold and reveal their beauty in time, at the right time,

this is true at Uriel's Temple - the little place of light.

Rock Maze

temple n.  (archaic)  a flattened space, designated area, clearing, platform.

related to - building, landscape, weaving, sides of forehead.


Kathleen guided me on a surprisingly spiritual journey, I was not aware of that part of myself, what was inside me that I had something that I was so unaware of and now I feel so free, I wasn't expecting that.

Ronnie, retired school teacher and carer.