Rock Maze
temple n.  (archaic)  a flattened space, designated area, clearing, platform.
related to - building, landscape, weaving, sides of forehead.


Unfolding at the Right Time

Hi, my name is Kathleen Aisthorpe, I started Uriel's Temple with the goal in mind to provide a place for sessions that offer tools for personal spiritual practice; empower the intuitive and the potential to restore wellbeing in the mind body spirit. 

There may be a number of select choices, but all sessions and products are offered with the same three basic values;

  •  a history of benefit.

  • for everyone and accessible.

  • empower personal spiritual practice.

All products are sourced from local, and global suppliers, handmade, in small batches. Natural, organic, biodynamic; mindfully combined ingredients that encourage a connection with the Earth. Uriel's Temple is a place that offers a person the potential for space, to fully embrace the Sacred within that may ripple into outer life. 

The core at Uriel's Temple is an opportunity to discover the potential of bringing more of the best of you. A consultation may initiate the unfolding of potential layers placed by patterning that may obscure the beauty of the gift of you to yourself and ultimately, those around you. To this process, you may feel to add sessions that support your personal spiritual practices. Meditation, Sacred Circle, Chakra Colour massage or such. 

If you wish to go deeper within the labyrinth of history.

Learn more about the owner of Uriel's Temple here.

Things unfold and reveal their beauty in time, at the right time,

something deeply valued at Uriel's Temple - the little place of light.

Kathleen guided me on a surprisingly spiritual journey, I was not aware of that part of myself, what was inside me that I had something that I was so unaware of and now I feel so free, I wasn't expecting that.

Ronnie, retired school teacher and carer.