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Finding the Moon Pause

Autumn woamn meditate
Embracing the inner world

Sacred Circle this month focusses on the Moon Pause. Travelling the circle we are sitting now fully in the NW the fullness of Autumn. Time for ceremony, bring our senses closer to the heart beat of the Earth. Partaking of the fruits that embody the last of the Summer sun, the warmth of the star.

cooking with mum for celebration
Sharing Traditions

We focus on our traditions that have brought us to this moment, embrace the ceremonies of our ancestors. We honour the emerging wisdom keepers as they prepare for the time of revelation. The celebration of returning to the Earth, the balance of our matter and our light building our inner lamp to guide us in the inner world of the long night.

Each of us who enter the dance of the circle by being born into this world, is preparing for the time of emerging a wisdom keeper, ceremony holder, the impermanence of all things. We may have been a warrior and someday we will have to let that go. We may have been a mother, parent, shopkeeper, industry magnate, whatever and all of us will enter the Moon Pause. Whatever you have built to create identity in this world will one day let go. how destructive or creative that becomes is in your hands.

Australian native animal
Native Mountain Pygmy Possum

A letting go of what was to emerge into what is. The integrity of the heart with which you entered determines how we step into our third age, who we become. Our concerns and things we once occupied our anxious wonderings about, whether they are heroic or not shall enter a place where they will be encouraged to fall away. Glamour, the veils of gossamer will lift to reveal the beauty within. It shall be terrible and gracious, and beyond perfection. This is within us all and while we dance as the sun sets, like the grasshopper. The falling leaves, the angle of the shadows in sunlight remind us this time is coming and to prepare, like the field mouse or Mountain Pygmy Possum.

raven book wisdom
Raven is the wisdom keeper

When we enter our own personal Moon Pause, it is a remarkable time of power. We have experience in life, knowledge of things, we have gathered wisdom. We appear as if invisible, we have the ability to shape shift. We are dynamic in the unseen world that is all around us. We don't care about trivial things that once bothered our sleep. We find humour where once we found pain. Our pathway is littered with the dropped weapons of the past, the tools of what was our trade in the eyes of others, we find a new way within.

At the moment we are entering the last waning of the Age of Kali, and experiencing the destruction and chaos of allowing those whom have not acquired wisdom to govern and rule the family, the companies, the government, the bureaucracy. As we enter the Age of Aquarius, the promised golden age, please remember that the 'revolution' the change' we all protested for we all sang about is here. it happened and this is what it looks like. and still the circle turns.

Sacred Circle is a monthly gathering to walk the cycles of Life. It focusses on the feminine traditions celebrated through our eclectic ancestral wisdom. Being a feminine focus is accessible to all people as we hold with in us the balance of yin and yang, each of us, one and all. If you find you are needing.

sacred Circle is held as a treasure for all to share, it is grassroots, accessible, simple, effective, warm and welcoming.

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