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Sustain your Self Care and Wellbeing...

Select a plan, book your sessions...

  • Custom Care and Wellbeing Package

    Tailored to utilise Uriel's Temple's unique care.
    Valid for one year
    • For those committed to self care.
    • Book sessions and access the online shop.
    • To maintain continuous wellbeing support for 1 year
    • Face to face and online available
    • Access wellbeing benefits like never before
  • Wellness recovery

    Every week
    Weekly treatments for 3 months
    • One weekly payment, 5-7days treatment
    • Treatments start at 30mins duration adjusted to up to 120min
    • ULF Far Infra Red Treatment and/or Light Therapy Treatment
    • For surgery/injury recovery, cell regeneration
    • For hormonal balance, insomnia, anxiety.
    • For circulatiion, joint and pain relief.

All plans can be cancelled at anytime in your personal account page via the login. If your plan has a recurring payment, you can choose either manual or automatic payment. Please choose what is most convienent for you. To miiss payment, you will not be able to book sessions on your plan. All plans with automatic payment selected, payment will automatically debit from your chosen payment method each month for the duration of the plan unless cancelled. All plans will automatically expire at the end date, unless you choose to re-new. If you wish to re-new you can choose the same or a different plan, no problem. If you have any issues or quieres don't hesitate to get in touch.

Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
Buy 2, get 3rd free.


People in many situations, different stages and all walks of life.

Forever humbled and grateful to share a part of their journey.

Business owner, NSW

I had gone to Kathleen to de-stress, my energy was flat, I felt I had to take some time out. 

The only thing I've been doing different, has been doing this, regularly.  I have become more patient with staff. I'm just amazed how calm I feel. The business turnover has gone from so-so to over six figure in a quarter, just by me 'bringing the best of myself'.

I can now plan to retire, I didn't realise I I was feeling this slipping away.  I'm just thankful and amazed.

Mum & Farmer, QLD

I had reached a crisis point in my marriage. I was thinking the only way, was to leave.

I was at a loss as to what to do.

I chose a beautiful colour to work.

By the time Kathleen rang a few weeks later, I had experienced a complete change.

I woke up one morning and it was like 'an old rag fell off my shoulders'. I realised I wasn't angry at my husband, at all!

I had this 'old' anger.  A great weight lifted.  I felt lighter and the anger was gone. Completely changed , amazing. 

Volunteer, QLD

I was facing the last of my children leaving home, and a part of me was beginning to panic. No matter what I did this feeling didn't seem to go away.  After using the Aura-Soma everyday for the first month, I began to feel calmer and everything around me appeared calmer, though it was outwardly seeming, the same. I began feeling confident, it was 'ok to be me' .  Now I've reconnected with a part of my life I put 'aside'. There's now a sense of  feeling 'fulfilled' in all I'm doing, no matter what it is.

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