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New Year Renew You

One of the fundamental precept when practicing the ancient art of Feng Shui, either as an art of placement or as alchemical change within the body, 'to create change then change one thing.' 

You can read more about this in my blog found on the page bar above.

So with this in mind, to change one thing, I've put together some packages that would support you to initiate potential change. Enjoy, with much Love. 


Lapis Lazuli package

For those stepping onto a more wholistic spiritual path.

  • Aura-Soma® consultation, as needed up to 12 sessions

  • Complimentary gift with each consult to start your process.

  • 15% off support product purchases

  • Natural, sustained personal power and energy amplification, as needed for 12 months.


Quartz package

For those needing a energy boost, a supported re-set or just some valuable time to relax. Ideal for chronic conditions in the mind, spirit or emotions.

  • Unlimited Colour Chakra Massage.

  • 10% off support product purchases.

  • Amplify the subtle power of consistent energy support.

Private Property

Tiger's Eye package

Home Energy re-balance, release distortions and patterns. Identify patterns and energy lines that maybe distorted and not able to support life in a healthy way.

  • Initial home visit, approx. 3hrs.

  • Three month check-up, and any action required.

  • 10% off support product purchases.

  • 20% off complimentary support services for personal balance.  

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