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Cherish the Mother: Embracing Divine Connection this Mother's Day

Maiden Mother Crone, divine in all
The three faces of the Mother

As we approach the time set aside for Mothers, Mother's Day, bringing a connection to the Divine Mother. The divinity within us all, outwardly expressed in the embodiment of mother; our mothers, our grand mothers, in ourselves and so on. Somehow because of the word 'divine' we seem to separate Divine Mother from ourselves. In this time where we take time to cherish our mother, let us also remember the greatest honour is to humbly nurture divinity within.

If we lived in a duality, which we do; and our year was a circle, two dimensionally speaking, and we cut the circle in half from the Spring equinox to the Autumn equinox. This one half is the time of the Divine Mother. The other half is the time of the Divine Father.

natural rock formation, Cardwell ranges
Mother of the Cardwell Ranges

If we scrape back the fracturing that has come from our past, taking chunks of understanding, until our knowledge is like a jigsaw of ideas, philosophies, and various political change. This is what it is and we are the conduit, the sum of this.

If you have ever taken the time to be enveloped and taken within the energy that traverses with as the Earth turns from Spring to Autumn. What do you feel. For me it is active abundant, verdant, crackling. Things flower, fruit and ripen, we take in what it is we have planted. Then taken time to be enveloped in Autumn to Spring. What do you feel?

For me; it is expansive, and enclosed. It is something we take in, our stored wisdom and nurtures our inner dreams. Things are shadows, clarifying, silent, we come to stillness and introspection and we prepare for gravity defying growth. This two aspects are happening simultaneously and separately.

door way to heaven, opening from dark space
Stepping into the realm of the Divine Mother.

To maybe draw a visual of Divine mother would be that you have lived in a cave for six months and now a door is thrown open and you walk into the bright, colourful world full of texture and perspective. The air is warmer, more perfumed and you can feel it interact on the outer perception of the skin, the eyes, the ears. You are alive in your body and it is Mother, it is beautiful, terrible and subtle.

The paradox, the humour, is that both are within each other and you could pull aspects of each at either time on the cycle. Just like the three norns, the three fates and the three witches. Maiden, Mother, Crone each an aspect of the other. Each with degrees of the feminine and the masculine. Each presenting a view of the Divine Mother. However this manifestation, this body while it is awake and walking, is walking within the grace of Divine Mother. At all times.

May 12th seems as good a good time to celebrate this.

Happy Mother's day!

With Love


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