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AEOS is a complete skincare solution that goes beyond organic principles. We all know there’s more to having a radiant complexion than just treating it with high-quality ingredients. 

Our skin can also reflect long-standing emotional states. That's why AEOS is based on a truly unique approach to holistic skincare and wellbeing, kindling the radiance within. Your skin - the best it can. Your wellbeing - enriched.


AEOS's award-winning, 100% natural skincare formulas are enhanced with ancient alchemy techniques to nourish the skin and soothe the soul.

the alchemy of beauty


By blending their own biodynamic and organic ingredients with the purest water enhanced by vortex pipes and crystal tinctures, maximising synergistic power to bring radiance to your complexion - soft, smooth and nourished.

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AEOS lovingly grow and harvest as much as possible on their biodynamic farm in England, sourcing all other ingredients from exceptional organic and biodynamic growers. Biodynamics is one of the most ethical and sustainable forms of agriculture in existence, producing highly potent plant extracts that offer optimal regenerative opportunities for the skin.


Prepared using ancient alchemical techniques over a 12 month period, AEOS's spagyric tinctures of crystals and gems supercharge their skincare to help deliver therapeutic effects for body, mind and soul alike, offering a true “glow from within”. 

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The water in AEOS's formulations is drawn from a natural artesian ground source, free from any potential physical or energetic contaminants found in tap water. It is then purified and energised by passing it through vortex pipes so it flows in spirals – just as it would in natural rivers

why aeos


Complete solution for all skin concerns (including eczema and sensitive skin)

Deeply hydrating and reduces the appearance of fine lines

Completely unique combination of ingredients

Vegan and cruelty-free (AEOS never test on animals)

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Spend $100 or more on your order receive a $10.

This limited-time offer ends on May 31st, so don't wait too long to take of it. Celebrate something divine, enjoy the savings on your favorite AEOS products!

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