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Catch the Bunny - which one are you?

Updated: Mar 10

Most year's I have a few phone calls early in the year, friends and family asking for a card reading or similar. It seems, in our nature to feel we need a little foresight into the year we are entering. A little like a a map of a new area we are travelling to. These days when asked, I find more and more, just spontaneously placing myself in the energy of the year. Then, as I generally know these people well, place the energetic memory I have of them and the information of their cosmology, into this energy too and from that a general picture forms and threads, like pathways appear.

This is one of the things I'm grateful for, the interest and enthusiasm of my friends, family and colleagues over the years. This has helped form a pot of resources in the foundational development of in the understanding of energy and flow which seems to be in all things. This resource has transformed from a black and white understanding. Learning from text, contemporary and ancient; learning with various Masters both, face to face and out of body. Following Earth science , ancient philosophies, re-newed philosophies, practicing astrology, Feng Shui, dowsing, biodynamics, Tai Chi, meditation. Transformed the black and white to now what is like a response mechanism within, for want of better words. A bit like playing a musical instrument and I am the instrument.

It is such a pleasure to put together the Chinese Astrology for each year. This year has been so sweet to touch, making the process all the more the 'nicer'. This is just for fun and I hope you enjoy a little giggle here and there. As usual, I could have kept going, writing on and on for each Animal, especially for some.

With opportunities a-bounding this year, especially the first half. For some of the Zodiac's not so shy creatures, the lushness of the year may contain 'hidden opportunities'. So I've given a little more focus for those creatures, toward the less obvious opportunities than the blindingly obvious.

The last few years I've started with the zodiac cycle of animals at the 'first' animal, and really if you can grab the essence of Rat, being the first we look at, Rat sums up the general energy of the Year for everyone. Maybe because this is a water year and Rat is peak water, if we can all do things as easily and clearly as Rat by; focussing on small things that mean big things in the future, with health in mind. We would all be on the right track.

If you are unsure your Chinese animal sign, it is based, in a general sense on the year you were born. This year I've re-introduced the years that relate to the animal below the title of the animal. If you know your animal and don't feel to indulge in the journey of the whole cycle, just click on the Animal name below and fingers crossed it will take you there.

In most traditions the Rabbit is lucky, and in Chinese tradition this is no different. Luck however is a mysterious thing, it can manifest in different forms for different people. Each animal on the Zodiac is embodied with different types of 'luck' that manifest in different ways. For example the Dragon is considered another 'lucky' sign especially endowing those of that display power in positioning, resource and vision, in a general sense. How this luck plays out in humanity is conditioned by the layer of conscious we find our selves in and then again filters for the individual.

So in general the Rabbit year is a lucky year and mostly it is in humble situations, creative pursuits and creativity in general. There is a communal element as well as health and family. Just by taking notice of the potential energy focus of the year can bring an element of luck into most situations. I hope people enjoy this little meander through the animals on the Chinese Year 2023.

Rat in the Grey Rabbit

1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020.

Ahh Rat loves times of plenty, and this year for Rat, is no exception. Rabbit understands Rats propensity for money and the accumulation of it, or just stuff in general. If our Rat has any potential you wish to expand, this year it will be supported however there is a catch. Rabbit will ask you to reach in your pocket and spend, maybe more than you are comfortable, to reach your goals. Do your due diligence, seek appropriate advice and Rat will be on surer ground to making the decision or laying out a plan for the next twelve months.

Rabbit usually likes the cut of Rat’s cloth, they tend to have similar interests though if Rat seems to think a little wheeling and dealing, a side hustle to bring the goals faster, Rabbit is most likely pull the floatation ring out from underneath. Check your heart direction Rat, what is it that you truly want? Is this what you have been working toward for the last three years?

Rabbit needs Rat to stay the course, ride the ship into the shore. Rabbit asks that there is a level of humility required to ensure the health of you now and you in the future life.

Take that long walk into the unknown, that little adventure you have dreamed of and have put off due to the busy-ness of the past few years. Something that means much to you and what you wish in the life. Some little gem you have locked away, ‘squirrelled’ into the dark recess of the mind, almost forgotten. It may cost money, on the surface but it will shore up your future health and wellbeing. In Chinese life; there is no wealth without your health first. Let that adventure dream out, connect with those you love and enjoy the path you have taken to get this far. Who knows it may pay dividends in the most unexpected and unforeseen way.

2023 Ox in the Grey Rabbit

1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021.

Well here we are again dear Ox, not sure if you realise but the air is softer, the wine sweeter, the conversation lighter and grass tender. This year is not as last year’ if you let it be so. Let go of the pessimism that may be afflicting Ox’s usually kind heart and lighten your burdens, rest a while in the shade. The ruts may feel too deep to step out of on the track and they may be. However lift your great head of mellow universal cosmic connection and take in the new, finer time. Let go the illusion any negativity that may have built up through the last few years. This is a ‘health restoring’ year, so give yourself a chance to heal and who knows what will develop in career and business just by taking things a little lighter.

Rabbit encourages the big hearted Ox to share the load, delegate jobs, find a different way to manage it all, seriously. Maybe sit everyone down and ask others what might allow you to take a little more time for yourself. And listen, really listen without historical accounts or ‘how things need to be done. Maybe there is a small, quiet voice, a little gem of an idea that can help Ox step to a different tune; a healthier, less stress way. If you do find yourself standing in the shade, then take it, enjoy that down time, chew a little slower, indulge the softer side.

You see Ox, Rabbit sees you, really the most kind-hearted of us all. A bull-headed, stubborn way of doing things and manging people really doesn’t agree with you, long term. It maybe a yoke Ox has taken on to counter others using your kind nature, let it drop. The doing things because you feel others will let you down; or they don't it as you do it; or it is easier if you do it, type thinking to let go of.

Ox, if there is a year to let go and do things that help take steps, to bring forth the inner placid soul of laid-back disposition, then this is it.

Due to the fact Ox may not totally believe any of this is possible, Ox may have to stop and squint a bit to adjust until it comes into focus. Trust that you are the person Ox dreams to be. Grey Rabbit flows a clear stream to cool your hooves.

2023 Tiger in the Grey Rabbit

1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.

A spiritual emissary from a far off nation has entered the Kingdom of the Tiger. They come embodied in magical powers of healing, a foreign belief system, a new language written in great books of ancient knowledge. Rabbit offers to build an ashram to help restore the health of the Kingdom. Standing before the ruler, Tiger has been handed a most paradoxical yet absolutely priceless gem of a gift. The facets of health, wealth, prosperity and abundance. In each facet, all contain all, cycling inner and outer, simultaneously and continuously. What appears in one aspect of life will be in all aspects.

Rabbit offers Tiger a backseat to the main event, not at the back of the cavalcade, still in the lead car. Still the captain and now with crew, willing to guide this craft to the shore. This is the year to hang up the frazzled, frentic and frankly, frustrating fur-lined cape that Tiger may have put on to whether the great highs and the deep lows of 2022. Rabbit awakens the possibility of gathering a team, working with people, listening to the needs of others without over-ruling and maybe just maybe, letting the ‘idiot in front’ have the map to the destination. Rabbit introduces the idea of everyone being on the same page, no need to be the lone ‘super-power’, the hero against the odds.

Tiger must dig deep, find a more collaborative way to communicate to those trusted and most loved, those not eaten... yet.

Rabbit has blown a more diplomatic wind into the soft valleys of Tiger’s forest. Letting the fur ripple with a time of more ease. Manage the reserves wisely or the enterprise could run out by the end of the year. Allow softer air to massage the lone activist of change. Let the greener scene to be ‘a sight for sore eyes’ but hold the purse strings. Not too tightly, just with deep discernment. Try not to be overly spontaneous. Be discriminatory to every appeal to your generous nature, even with those you are most susceptible to. If Tiger guides the team wisely, this can be a time of plenty for Tiger.

Check all the balances, measure twice, put the team on the same page; this may be the year to move to a new forest. If not a perfect ‘yes’, then it is a ‘no’. Find peace in the mind, body and soul this year, be guided by the instincts that are native to Tiger when ego and susceptibility are tamed. Humility and deep inner reflection will lead Tiger once more to be the embodied majesty that is Tiger. Let it be so, remember Tiger, ‘things are just things’.

2023 Rabbit in the Grey Rabbit

1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011.

Oh yes, Rabbit this is the year for restoration, for pursuing those little nicieties you’ve put off until the waters calm a bit. This is Rabbit’s time in the Sun, enjoy Rabbit for it is beautiful. However little bunny don’t stop, don’t waste time and don’t procrastinate. There are two words for Rabbit in the Grey Rabbit year, determination and timing. This is the Magic of the Grey Rabbit year for Rabbit. There is the mystical transformation opportunity available for the most magical of animals. Within is the ability to change whatever has worried, any anxiety to be transformed to determination. This is the time to expand the burrow, dig channels that may be useful and lessen the fur-tingling fears surrounding the family situation.

If you need to nicely express your opinion, this is the time. If there is anything you need to face, this is the time, if you are going to jump off the deep end, this is the time. In fact, if there is anything that needs sorting then snap to, the best time is potentially, the first half of the year. Time is ticking, there is only twelve months. Yes, I know you hate deadlines, you hate feeling pushed and you really don’t like advice. Plus it all feels so good, the air is so pure, the energy so richly warm, the vibe so compatible. Rabbit could just find a nice hip-hole to curl up in and have a lovely sleep.

Sweet bunny, this is the time to catch all the butterflies, the things you may have put off because it ‘didn’t feel right’, someone put your ‘karma out’, or it ‘wasn’t meant to be’; whatever it is, don’t stop. Catch your butterflies, swim in the sweet waters. Things won’t just happen to you...ok, it could. Mostly though you have to encourage things, apply a little pressure to make it happen; carve the channel, dig the tunnel; this is the best time to start something. Once you start it will potentially be oddly easy, just start, now... and now... now. See how fear can transform to determination, this new activity will lend a greater perception of the future.

All Rabbit’s illusions will be as water this year, if you let them, they will melt and we all know what water does for wood, feeds the growth.

If it makes your heart sing, this is the year to say ‘yes’, ‘I do,’ and enjoy the fruits of your labours. Concerns for family and the home will settle. Find yourself open to travel, to visit loved ones or to go somewhere that makes your heart sing. Grey Rabbit year is the year Rabbit leaves the forest.

2023 Dragon in the Grey Rabbit

1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012.

Well what a ride Dragon! Time to take stock from the lofty postion provided for Dragon by Rabbit on the roof of the Ashram. Yes, Rabbit has swept out the lair, dusted the treasure trove and put down some nice shagg-pile rugs, sprinkled essential oils and lit all the lamps. Just don’t put your boots on the throughly polished coffee table. Hush, dear Dragon, lower the voice, humble the demeanor and respect the surroundings, Rabbit has kindly provided a place in the Ashram. There is something, something you can’t quite put the finger on, what is it? It smells, feels and dare I say tastes soooo good!

Well, let’s have a moment, just sit for a moment; let us look deep into the stream that we live within dear Dragon. Grey Rabbit, just feels so good, so easy. Dragon is within the triune of elements with Rabbit, so Dragon understands the vibe and Dragon could just continue on really. Though don’t miss the treasure here, Rabbit, the host with the most, has dug it all up for you. Disrespect the host in anyway and by middle of the year what looked like gold will become lead. Not a good thing to have in water.

So let me share the treasure with our most mythical creature, our symbol of ‘the Force’. It is time to take a back-seat, a more humble position, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Dragon may be the force, Rabbit is the pixie dust that makes it all stick. Speak nicely, take a chill pill, don’t let the gains of the last year or so go to your head.

Dragon, bring your amazing focus to the small things the things closer to home, straighten your appearance, hug your loved ones, unwind from the past and let go with a little grooming and small talk, enjoy reconnecting with the humble side of life.

Tend your vegies, clip your hedges, take a small course, write your memoirs, get your eyes checked, visit a health professional. Whatever it is Rabbit is running the show and Grey Rabbit is guiding by example. Respecting and paying attention with humility, to the small busy-ness will be a sure fire way to enter the Dragon 2024. Your feet will be gold, not lead.

2023 Snake in the Grey Rabbit

1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013.

Snake the wise and sinuously attractive animal, endowed with the understanding of what goes where, what makes what, with a keen appreciation for form and structure, particularly when aesthetically pleasing. Snake has slithered its fine body into the ashram and is languidly reclining on a pile of meditation cushions. Finally, now in warm, inviting, hospitable surroundings with just the right amount of gilt, an acceptable library of ancient tomes, and a tasteful display of artwork, candles and spiritual imagery. A home away from home. Rabbit has been waiting for their fine friend to slide by and have sleep-over. This is the year of to do make-overs and Rabbit has very dexterous braiding fingers.

Where shall we start? Make-over in; body, mind, spirit, career, business, health, well-being, finances, home, wardrobe, relationships. You name it, this is the year to make-it-over. Think of it as preparation for the next two years, to bring things into alignment so the outer image of the world matches the inner sight Snake feels they are moving toward. If you are worried about anything, set your mind straight, it will come. As the embodied symbol of the Law of Attraction, like attracts like and water rises to its own level.

If Snake wants to lift the level a little higher, reach a little further, contract a little tighter, then do so. Grey Rabbit understands Snake, both have similar goals and talk a secret language.

However, in the World of the Grey Rabbit, Rabbit will not appreciate control or manipulation, or the extracting of finances and resources to bring something about that has clay feet, unreasonable, or an over-use of others not at the same speed as Snake. Remember to cultivate humility and compassion when dealing with others in the Ashram. Things that seemingly come easy or natural to Snake, may not be so to others. Take time to guide and impart your wisdom, as Rabbit has opened a way; that where once you may have felt impatience, Snake can now shed that skin. This is the time to reveal Snake’s inner creativity, birth a book, display your art, share the life hacks, tips and tricks that help restore connection and peace in the lives of others. Time to take that secretly expressed creativity out of the body and mind, so it will set the soul free. Rabbit knows you have it in there, and Grey Rabbit creates a safe place to bubble these these hidden gems to the surface. Amazing what a little make-over can do for the soul.

2023 Horse in the Grey Rabbit

1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014.

Ahh the grasses are sweeter, the air softer and there is the sound of delicate bells in the valley. The water is fresh and brings a vigour to Horse. There is the soft voice of the Grey Rabbit gently coaxing the Horse to listen to the deep sounds of the inner body. Horse is symbolic of our brighter nature, the essence of the spark of life within us all. Grey Rabbit for Horse, is to become at peace with their dynamic dual personality, the firecracker and the gentle ember. Rabbit encourages Horse to embody both, reach the point of balance within and listen to the inner stream of spirit.

If Horse has started the year feeling somehow reigned in, or under the whip, as if someone else is controlling the reigns, calling the shots. Acting out in voice or pushing authority is only taking Horse out of balance, too much fire and either it all comes to a sudden holt with a bucket of water to stop the rampaging bronc or it will break Horse to conform. Horse may be in danger of the inner-fire being dowsed with inattention to the needs of others that may develop as an undercurrent of resistance to Horses leadership and possibly deploy actions based in misunderstanding and convoluted communication.

Horse must listen to their quieter side in the first half of the year, practice active listening, remain your natural open gregarious demeanour, allow wonder at the difference of others. If something needs to change take a more subdued, wise, reflective and creative approach. Delegate jobs that you don’t feel relevant to those who seem to exhibit creative difference.

Grey Rabbit encourages a more collaborative leadership, let go of the reins, you don’t need to do it all yourself.

Take your direct frank approach to your health, especially diet, Grey Rabbit has extended the Ashram to include a healing Spa for Horse. The door is open, it is up to Horse, of course, to walk in. See deep personal wellbeing as your ‘job’ this year. Find a way to balance your emotions and your diet. What you take in and how you take it in. Find the right team of healing professionals. Use your amazing judgement of character, to determine where and who is the most helpful, trust yourself. Of all our amazing beasts, the Horse’s fine health needs attention, regularly, to wellbeing. Grey Rabbit hold the keys, simple, small, easily overlooked keys, to healing on all levels. Health need not be grand machinery or big health trends; just simple, effective proven track with practical advice, Grey Rabbit is calling Horse, Now.

2023 Sheep in Grey Rabbit

1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015.

Sheep has wandered into the Ashram, the gate is standing wide open to welcome this most independent path finder. The way to the gate was a little rocky and the weather not so clement on the high mountain passes. Now take rest Sheep, gather your energy, dance to sweet tunes and feast on fresh green pasture. The weather is mild and the conversation exciting. Accept invitations to gatherings of all kinds, treat every moment as a celebration for the journey so far. You made it to this point, with all your wool pretty much in place. Your footing will feel surer this year.

Oh but dalliance and soft silken cushions really aren’t your 'thing'. Sheep’s gaze keeps travelling over the Ashram wall to what look to be the higher, greener pastures. The Grey Rabbit encourages Sheep to take time to restore, it is necessary for the next leg of the climb. This is the year to connect with family and loved ones, people you can trust, dearly. Whom you know you can trust. People who let you just be. Boredom, however, may start to creep in. Sheep may begin to miss a little ‘life-on-edge’ risk. Sheep may be tempted to throw all the wool on red and roll the dice. Beware of any advice Sheep receives that sparks need for risk this is not the time. This year is not that year. Rabbit’s Ashram makes everything for Sheep, feel right, but for some reason, for some of the flock, ‘it doesn’t feel right’. Surely there is a wolf in sheep’s clothing hiding around the corner?

A part of Sheep is missing that on-edge-life-in-danger prickle down the spine. Rabbit offers for Sheep to channel that a different way.

Grey Rabbit has two main things, up the sleeve to keep the Sheep engaged to ‘do nothing’. Rabbit has opened the psychedelic transcendental broom cupboard and encourages Sheep to indulge their dreams. Try a few things that you have always wanted to do, no matter how silly it seemed. This type of ‘doing’ may give passion flight in Sheep’s life. This is the year to step forth and have your talents recognised. Try a little meditation, this year nothing will ‘eat you’ while you are out of body, forming your thoughts and dreams. Return your attention to center, balance point of the inner and outer and your footing will be surer when the ground appears to disappear.

The second thing up Grey Rabbit’s sleeve; Networking is the thing for Sheep to do by just being themselves and not doing anything. First trust you are ok and people like having you around as you are. You don’t need to strive to be anything else. Establish connections that respect your inner motivations and dreams. Find a cause to get behind. Accept invitations to everything and find value in the connection to help traverse the path to those higher pastures, in the years to come, you see outside the Ashram walls.

2023 Monkey in Grey Rabbit

1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016.

Welcome, Monkey, to Grey Rabbit’s World. Monkey is given their own guest room with all the things you love. There is a space in the room dedicated to all the things you are skilled at, which are many. Though you could just continue as you have done, Rabbit has written a lovely letter to encourage Monkey to take at least six months to recover from the last year. Take stock, count your beans, look through your resources and check the inventory. Get a handle on your position, first before setting out to swing the empire into full systems ‘Go!’. The Grey Rabbit is the year that is kinder for Monkey, easier to achieve and supportive of those oddball ideas.

So what to do on this little staycation, Rabbit is even tolerates the ribald laughter and silly jokes. Take a comedy break to really let loose, take a long belly laugh and laugh at life. You may have felt as if you are performing to another’s drum for the past twelve months and only got bananas or gone bananas in return. Look, with lightness, through your skills. Is it time to upskill? or return to a skill? or take something from a hobby to a skill? or take a skill and make it a hobby?

Monkey needs laughter, use laughter to re-set, restore order and refresh your view of yourself and your life.

Listen, dear Monkey, to the soft floating chimes that fill the air, the vibrations of creation and the deep inner workings. The mysterious depths of the unseen, are a deep a curiosity. Monkey is drawn, as a collector of new things, to explore the mysterious vibe of the Grey Rabbit. Grey Rabbit gently bubbles in Monkey’s ear, let go any deeply felt loss, any grief or grievance, you may have felt in life’s journey to this point. Rabbit has got you this year, find appropriate support therapies if you recognise the necessity as you walk this process. Rabbit offers a moment for Monkey, the potential of restored wellbeing in the Year of the Grey Rabbit.

Rabbit offers a hand of empathy to Monkey as, real or imagined, Monkey at times feels the darker side, this is within Monkey nature. You are gifted the space and time to heal these or begin that process, a gift only given to the self by the self and Rabbit understands. Never underestimate the power of the Rabbit in it’s small unseen ways, the second half of the year may feel as if the burdens has lightened a little, if Monkey takes the time to take stock.

2023 Rooster in Grey Rabbit

1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

There is a stirring in the rafters, Rooster settles in to herald the dawn of the day. The clear bright colours of the rising sun cast slanting golden light across the inner sanctum of the Rabbit’s Ashram. Rooster’s fine perception deducts that something is different. Grey Rabbit has left a gift for the animal most like and unlike our host. A golden Key glints on the alter in the center of the room. How can this common barnyard fowl transform to the mystery of the Phoenix, Grey Rabbit may contain an answer.

Rabbit’s key opens a hall of mirrors, the potential last leg of the journey of transformation, a journey not unlike the childhood game of Snakes and Ladders. The year will feel things are challenging to start, and what is started, challenging to finish. So rich is this year in the emotional paradox, the balancing of fight or flight, it is hard to pick just one aspect. The key handed to Rooster is to gain a higher view. Trust your senses, lift your sight above and beyond the reflected image of the world. Take a breath, dear Rooster and let’s sit quietly at the feet of the Grey Rabbit Guru.

The operative word here is quietly, don’t allow your feathers to be ruffled by your own thoughts, emotions and voice, find the point of balance. When things take flight, most times it is ungrounded, and you feel drawn to the ‘fight’, whatever form that takes. Peace Rooster and breathe a while. Bring the focus back to the reality of the senses; what do you see? , what do you hear? what do you ‘taste? what do you smell? what do you feel? Trust your superpower. Allow your fine plumage to vibrate to the rhythm of the Earth. This will guide you home. Practice soul refining arts, tai chi, yoga, whatever lifts your spirit.

Rooster uses almost omnipotent seeming senses to read the reality of the situation. Take in all that information and the key Grey Rabbit lends to Rooster, especially in times of stress; let go of the need to react.

Embrace the energy of response, understand the difference and this will give your wings a bit more lift. Find an equal solution, let go of the need to control. Rooster’s skill is not manipulation, it may feel so and you maybe awesome at it, outwardly, but this is slowly eroding your wellbeing each time you indulge. Each time Rooster practices manipulation without integrity, there will likely be a fall, like someone placed road bumps in the flight path. This could be spectacular or just enough to singe the feathers. There is a bit of Icarus, potentially, for our Rooster in Grey Rabbit. Be sure of whom you listen to, seek the true source of any information Rooster is to act on.

2023 Dog in the Grey Rabbit

1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018.

Dog given a role at the Ashram. Grey Rabbit holds our most affable of companion in highest respect. Dog is the esoteric symbol of of duality, Yin and Yang; the seeker and protector of Harmonious Balance of Energy. Embodied in a human form, Dog’s journey is to balance; the seeking inner balance and the seeking outer balance. How this translates from the world to energy, to the world of form? Dog has taken very seriously the the role security; security of life, to life and in life. Holding open the gates, ensuring all is present and correct, Dog welcomes the energy of Grey Rabbit into all the corners of the Ashram. Filling the dark places with serenity and secure space.

Grey Rabbit has set aside a pond of fresh water by the gate for Dog to immerse in when the heat of the day is high. Tastefully decorated, just the right temperature and depth. The sparking surface ripples and dances, catching glimmers of the gilt word written on the bottom of the pond. Dog will have to dive down to read it. In the water Dog can buffer all external distractions. allow the seriousness of life to wash away, a little, letting-go the need to be angry for others. Respect is the treat that really makes Dogs heart sing, fills his belly and makes delight a greater part of life. Dog, when in serene space will treat the self with respect.

This helps Dog be more by discerning as to who holds the lead? Who treats Dog with respect? Grey Rabbit is the year for Dog to be honest with the self.

If you feel you are repeating a pattern of past treat-meant, it’s time to dive deeper, dive down to find the hidden keyword. Dog’s keyword written on the floor of the wading pool is ‘Forgiveness’ To what and to whom do you forgive? Where in life can things give a little and where in life can things give less? For the first time, in a long time, Dog is immersed in the energy of Forgiveness. The very oil upon which the gate hinges swings. Forgiveness, as a strength. Not to forget but to forgive, inner and outer, the self and others.

This is the best time to shore up your security, inner and outer; financial, home, family, loved ones, health, relationships, and career. Discern what is relevant in the accumulation of property and things, stuff Dog may have gathered to bolster the illusion of the security. Sometimes it takes a little forgiveness to strengthen connections, family and friends, to help calm the itches, lead to a sense of serenity.

2023 Pig in Grey Rabbit

1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1195, 2007, 2019.

Amongst the tinkling bells, the incense aromas, the softly clanging cymbals and chanting voices; there is a cheerful whistling of a jaunty tune echoing around the grounds of the Ashram. Pig is in fine form, the body slick with massage oils to soften the skin and ‘marinate’ the muscles, stringy from stress. Trotters sticky with abundant supply of exotic cheeses, and the lips rimming with the traces of fine wine. Pig has been given full run of the Ashram and loves every minute of it. In fact Pig is feeling so invigorated by this fresh lease on life, once more our most gregarious and generous of companions may be feeling rather ‘flush’.

Growth, expansion, population, abundant supply, increase and progress are all dancing the tune of Pig’s song. Grey Rabbit has smoothed the playing field and the wicket is fast, just how Pig likes it, well this year anyway. Pig has the potential to hit more goals than previously. If Pig wants to hang up a hammock and sip Pina-Coladas on the beach all day, well, go right ahead. You’ve earned it. However all this lolling around sunning in the hip hole has Pig snuffling for a little more. Don’t be surprised if your Pig friend whips out a crowbar and pushes the front room out to gain a little more square footage. Or sign a contract forming conducive relationships with the potential and room for growth.

However what itches Pig the most this year is, they know it all runs out eventually, only twelve months, all this goodness and what to do? Pig may switch on the ‘over-supply mode’ to shore up against future lack. A potential in this year of how Piggy can slip into the vortex of over-work. Grey Rabbit taps our pink friend on the shoulder and hands Pig a gift. Well that is, if Pig would like to, you know, take a breath from shoring up the ‘pantry’. Inside this carefully and thoughtfully wrapped little box is a humble well worn river stone onto which is etched one word. Manifest.

Focus on what is important to Pig, today, this week, this year, and make it happen. Pig needs to bring organisation and balance to the collection of the resources.

Draw together all the resources you have unearthed and re-shape, re-model and re-grow. Renovate to make this moment last beyond this moment, as a supportive vision and energy extending into the future. Change your space by increasing your habitable space, what it is that you need going forward. Make the vision you see in the mind’s eye a reality. This is a good time to begin, for begin you must or it will all be just ‘work’. Action the jobs that will make the dream a reality. Create space to grow more truffles to snuffle. Fill the space with the love and bounty you feel in your heart. Click your trotters in time to music as you re-plaster the front room. Make it sing, Piggy.

Well I guess, that's the general gist of it all, if you want to re-touch the general overview of the World of the Grey Rabbit just click here.

Wishing health, wealth, happiness and abundance. to you and your loved ones,


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