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Ride the Tiger - which one are you?

Updated: Jan 5

The Lunar New Year is usually the second new moon after the Solstice. It records the effect of the moon as it moves through ‘fixed’ constellations and planets. Each year has governing stems and branches as traditional symbolism is as if in the cycle of a tree. As we know of the effect the moon has on water and an influence on all things composed of water. A human is about 80% water; imagine the potential the knowledge of this natural cycle has for us as we move through our life interacting with each other on this Earth, at this time. There is so much we don’t know. This is just for fun, enjoy riding the Tiger.

Things that may not be helpful:

• Impatience and trying to win at all costs, just not this year.

• Lack of integrity in planning, may ‘capsize’, ‘lose their head’, it’s that

kind of year.

• Dictatorial communication, is so last year.

Things that may be helpful:

• Great time for ambitious, creative, innovative ideas especially in communication.

• Be sure of your research, trust your perceptions.

• Good time to get away to meditate on your direction, find a

simple way to act on it.

• Integrity and truth, in all things.


Rat Years: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032

Rat is the beginning, the seed, the quickening. Rat is first in all things and likes to be first in all things. Rat relies on instinct almost as if they can find their way in the dark. Rats have a natural ability to ‘tune in’ to the goal with unwavering focus, quickly assess their resources and act in the quickest way to achieve the goal. Rat values his cleverness his quick mind above all else sometimes not seeing the trap of illusion, the fast firing ideas can become a maze of tangled thoughts in quick time.

Rat is best when he maintains an open nest and value time to relax eat healthy foods, good sleep and release the worry and inner fretting.

Rat loves to have a close group of people, the pack, who can distract rat from the continuous cycle in the mind.

Tiger tip: This is the year of the pragmatic rat, dodge anything that is fat, pink and flies. If you feel confused about anything that develops, take a breath don’t be rushed, assemble practical advisors and rely on instinct.

Rat with the Black Tiger - 2022

Little Rat has just come in from a long day, ready for a quick scurry around to tie up loose ends before bed. But what is this, the water level has risen, the nest is damp and the neighbours have all bought new boats. While the last twelve months have seen you, accumulate, be a little more largess than usual. This year will begin to send your itch radar up. You could imagine the worst. Be careful in making decisions from past failures, hurts or learning curves. Don’t be rash. This Tiger is a bit different. Still a little anxious, if you dip your toe in the water, it will feel calm, even a tad warm. This Tiger Party has a little room for Rat.

This is not the year for Rat to strike out on their own, compete or tie themselves in a tumble of FoMo. This Tiger year may feel the same at the beginning, a little edgy, a little like you want to run, or work harder to prove a point but really Tiger wants you to wait, listen, breathe and keep doing as you are doing. Tiger gives Rat a bigger pond to swim in, look for connections, networks, teams to get things done. First look, little Rat before you act in fight or flight, see the gift and partnership that are really the motivator energy you are swimming in. This is water finding its own level. Stuff happens, stay true to your vision and Go Rat, Go!


Ox Years: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033.

Ox is the perseverance of life, the force that moves continuously and constantly.

Representing the magnetic inexplicable laws of nature. Ox understands the effort needed to bring anything to light, the determination needed to reach a goal. Sometimes Ox can find themselves in a single-minded rut, missing the opportunities that lay beside the proven track. Kind, personable people who are honest and dependable. Ox can sell ice to Eskimos, link beneficial relationships to support a win-win outcome. Wary of being taken advantage of they may be skittish to sign on the dotted line with out feeling secure in their choices.

Tiger tip: Hang onto your reins, harness your nose ring only to a sure thing, and avoid anything that looks risky. Take time to explore your passions, have a bit of a laugh. Lighten up and you will win.

Ox with the Black Tiger - 2022

Ox has the pedal to the metal, drops a marley around the corner and throws the workhorse into the garage. Music is pumping next-door, Tiger is ramping up the block party of the year. We know you’ve reached a point where Ox is ready to take a break, you’ve worked hard and travelled a long way. Just before the Ox’s impressive rage kicks the door down, notice it is different this year. The music a little melodious, almost calming, inspiring, creative and let’s say it, meditative. Tiger is thinking to replace beef with fish on the menu this year. Don’t give him reason to change that thought by venting your frustration at how your neighbour walks a greyer line. The Black Tiger encourages you to walk in the stream of meditative mindfulness, and feel, really feel, its calming effect on weary muscles and overworked nerves.

Ox's natural predator will still try to sell Ox shonky deals and get rich quick schemes, because, frankly, you can be susceptible to it. Take the Tiger’s offer walk in his stream, the time to embrace a slower pace, to take a break. Not his shiny deals or overspending indulgences. This Tiger is willing to listen and offer support as in reality they admire your honesty, humour and work ethic, you have a spot on the floor to indulge your deeper thoughts. Mostly Tiger knows Ox is actually artistic, creative and can manifest something with sheer determination. This year is a time to apply your natural abilities to what you are quietly doing. If you look at the resources you acquired there will be things you can use that you already have. Don’t shut the door on what makes your heart sing, try a different wheel rut. Ox, you’ve got this.


Tiger years: 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034.

Tiger is the new growth. Tiger breaks free of constraints and seeks the light. They are fresh and flexible, maintain an ability to strive and grow even in difficult times. They are a paradox being solitary and yet have a connection and reliance upon the whole. They seek to bring the most beneficial elements for the growth of all. They have a wide eyed fascination for all things new, exotic and experimental. Tigers sometimes lack the staying power when something becomes same-o-same-o, they are quickly distracted by newer, more exciting and risky things. Basically the joy Tigers have for life is infectious, they have a serenity of being that can illuminate and lend a sense of youth to even the dullest day. Onward and upward.

Tiger tip: Feel the sense of achievement ripple through the fur. Things are coming back to rights, the hangover is wearing off. Past planning will begin to pay off and obstacles prove small. Dust off the self-help books the inner journey is in full swing. Patience with progress

Tiger with the Black Tiger

We all know Tiger loves a party and does Tiger know how to party, all the coolest music, the dazzling light show, the best venue, the most interesting people, spectacular explosions of vibrant colours and twinkling embers. Plates of fantasies, indulgences and buffets of reality altering experiences of distraction. Ahh, what a show. All the neighbours are invited, a host with the most. All whims catered to, except Black Tiger has only provided a bowl of chips for nibbles and a few beers in the fridge. Why provide food when it just walks in the door.

This year is a little different, Black Tiger is hosting this party and he sits in peaceful quietude and surveying the array of laughing joyous souls before them. To see others happy, fills Black Tiger’s heart and feels content.

So Tiger, you would like more food to nibble, Black Tiger asks you to look into yourself and be nourished by your motivations. Reflect on if you have enough and whom you wish to share your resources with. Black Tiger has its Tiger brother’s and sisters by the tail. Don’t lash out, you never know what you’ll hit with those claws. Black Tiger is trying to connect all the aspects of Tiger together. The Black Tiger reminds our ingenious, optimistic, never say die, Tiger family to really check in with that humanitarian cause, that political ideal, that service organisation you’ve hitched your wagon to, the clay feet you may have discovered in the ideals. The need to be right. This Tiger really asks the deep questions…just for a moment…it will only take a moment.

This is not the year to make a stand because it effects you first or makes you feel wronged; that would be like challenging your reflection. Something as big and powerful as yourself. And you may just take on the challenge because you are bored. Not your best motivator. This is the year to indulge your kooky weird ideas, the things that spin your heart and engage your mind. Make you laugh out loud, frees the centre of your chest, to jump, bound and chase butterflies. Black Tiger will take care of your needs.

Others you trusted may ‘go all dark’ and want you to get serious and use your claws, your powers of communication, for serious stuff that just really bores you so you may push the button just to see what happens. Do their dirty work so to speak, they keep you on the edge, build up your ego because they know how to keep you interested, they know your secret. Just check the motives of those who wish to utilise your energy, your ideas, your boundless enthusiasm. Who is really holding your tail? Are you being distracted from hearing the hearts of those in your care? Is it of benefit to the human condition in general? If it doesn’t feel right, then it’s not right. If you no longer wish to be a ‘kept animal’, ‘a tamed tiger’, this is the year to grow beyond chains of your own making; with intellect, wisdom, timing and agility. Engage your power of insight, reflection and ability to understand the heart of the matter to every angle, then sit at Black Tiger’s table and party like the king you are.


Rabbit years: 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, 2035.

Rabbit is lush, abundant and promising; they are soft light of spring time when all is on the increase. They hold the promise of what is coming into being. Rabbit understand and embody nurturance, they give generously of their time to the needs of others. They are the eternal Florence Nightingale, lifting you up and offering you support until you are ‘on your feet’. They will not fight your battles for you but they will hold the lamp so you have a safe passage home. They have a high need for nurturance and expect others to telepathically understand their needs, drop everything and tend their whims. Rabbits can be seen as wishy washy unable to commit to anything especially if they perceive a wrong or slight to their character. However Rabbits are brimming with fortitude and can manage groups of people with aplomb, they just may need a little lie down on occasion. Rise and Shine.

Tiger tip: Your rest periods may have to be shortened, but take comfort in your stand; know that your cause is for more than yourself. Ensure any action does not overextend your resources.

Rabbit with the Black Tiger – 2022

The final gong sounds gently as light fades, and standing in the door of the ashram is Black Tiger. In the flickering candle light, rain slicking off Tiger’s coat, heralded by thunder. Zen Bunny is about to transform. Shake off the old skin of traditional ideas, outdated systems and clunky last century ways of communication, and behold the Ninja Bunny. Tiger is calling forth your natural ability to be flexible, changeable, adaptable, to absorb into any environment and grow into another form. Then we can party.

The last twelve months have required focus and hard graft, testing the Rabbit fortitude, that quiet B&B holiday continually just out of reach. Wanting to simply, lay it all down and slip into quiet oblivion, lick wounds, just a little R & R., please. Wait Bunny, can you feel it, that thrum of energy in the pulse, Tiger is magistrate of this party and all is in session, and you have been gifted the power behind the throne. This Tiger is quieter than usual, less pushy and a more reflective allowing our Ninja Bunny time to channel her efforts to healing and restoring in peace. Time to embrace new thinking, really cut away the clutter, the accumulated dust, the out-dated. Tiger is offering renewal and growth of the Ashram.

Indulge your intellectual fantasies, Tiger is in the mood to tolerate a softer, generous nature, it is ok to grow a little more this year. Tiger appreciates the Rabbit’s diplomatic stand, your deep concerns, your seeking of truth. He really wants Bunny to get to the source of the issue this time. Any challenge, any sense of danger, this is the year to throw smoke bombs of flattery, parry with a mask of crocodile tears, deflect with a string of tight mental corners, throw ninja stars of sharpened diplomatic intellect, exit with a ninja roll, and pick up your martini without a hair out of place. Use all your higher skills, your powers of ‘Bunny’ to seek a better outcome. Use Big Bunny powers wisely, for the good of others and Tiger will have your back. Have heart, you are Tiger’s secret surprise this year, be the unexpected thing. No one will see it coming, what a hoot!


Dragon years: 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024, 2036.

Dragon is ‘The Force’, the energy that brings things to life and allows them to expand. They are the first breath, they move the elements, and they are the flow. To the Dragon the world is unlimited, people unlimited and time has no meaning. A Dragon is just the person to get a project off the ground. They are natural visionaries, they see where they want to land and they can move anything out of the way to get there. Tending to burn the candle at both ends…remember they don’t inconvenience themselves with the needs of the human body as mere mortals do…they may burn themselves out. Guardian of the pearl of immortality; people, places and things are easily drawn to the Dragon.

Tiger tip: Look around you, see where your magnificent presence can be of benefit for others. Receive amazing splendour with humility and it will never dwindle.

Dragon with the Black Tiger - 2022

All the invited have assembled and Dragon holds the place of honour. Dragon, our scaly visionary, is in the presence of a contemporary. You are Tiger’s natural successor and Black tiger is here to shape you, nourish you and ensure the kingdom will pass to able hands in two years. This is the year for humility, willingness to work with others, find the hidden gems within the ones you are with, discover the greatest resources are those you spend time getting to know. It will help you not waste time later.

Black Tiger sits quietly in his corner of the room, the place of power to survey and take in what is of value and what is not. Tiger asks Dragon to focus, hone that far seeing vision, to pay attention to what is happening around him, now. What really makes the realm tick? What is it that people really want? How am I of best service to the vision I see before me?

Align your values and motivations to the king, pay homage to being of service, now. Then rise to glory within the next two years. Hold the ego, the inability to listen, pay attention to small things. Have patience, meditate on ideas first, act decisively with true heart. Come to understand the motivations of others and your glory will be glorious.

Dragon is the dear friend of Tiger and this is the year to not engage in petty competitiveness, green eyed jealousy or FoMo. Let it wash. You’ve been granted a boon of succession. Black Tiger asks you to take notice of the kingdom, roll up your scales and shake hands with the people. Discover how best you can put your natural talent for genius to the benefit of humanity. It’s a big call, a challenge and in it you will find favour, be a prince of the Realm. Fly Dragon, Fly!


Snake years: 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, 2037.

Snake is the inner power, when all has grown to fullness. Snake is the presence of order, the gathering of wisdom by drawing things in. Snake inhabits the cycles and governs the fates. Shedding the skin, snake is reborn, renewed to add wisdom to the next attempt. Snakes can sort out any mess; bring out the best in any situation with Snake’s healing and restorative powers. Snake understands the rollercoaster of life; they can assess risk in a snap, see pitfalls in the dark places and will understand the best solution to overcome them. To mend your broken ways Snake will know the answer.

Tiger tip: Keep the purse and the angry tongue tightly wrapped in one coil, and shake it baby. There is much to learn and absorb from allowing others to be themselves this year, they will seek you out. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

Snake in Black Tiger – 2022

Snake has slid in with a slinky dress and smoky eyes, Snake has dressed to entrance and seduce. Black Tiger, our different Tiger and the only Tiger to have done so, has invited Snake, in person, and it feels good. This party is open to all. Snake, for the first time can dip a tail, reflect on their inner shadows and bask in the warm pool of magnanimity.

Black Tiger not missing a thing, gently touches Snake’s tail as they Slide past and all is transformed. This is the year to remember and Snake has been given a job, a mystery to solve. Tiger has admired Snake for so long, finally, slowing enough to indulge in activating the priestess. The first time in a long time, Tiger needs Snake’s wisdom.

Look past the glamour of being admired and applauded, Black Tiger has laid open his heart to Snake, time to slide carefully. Hold the reprimand, this year requires the waking of the sleeping beauty not the bitterness of the forgotten fairy. The beauty Snake sees all around is actually Snake, if they can truly feel that. The seasons of life are in the coils of Snake, as Snake thinks and feels, is how the world grows around them. If Snake is happy the world is happy; if Snake is sad the world is sad.

Tiger asks Snake to use this wisely, understand that others may never truly ‘get your depths’ follow your thinking, understand the higher standard you hold them to. There is a different energy available, it tastes a little salty and sweet, Tiger’s gift, if Snake wishes it so, is compassion will reveal the heart’s desire. Share wisdom freely with others, open the chamber of secrets and give it a good clean out, let go a little, the burden of responsibility.

Let Black Tiger’s slightly warmer waters energise Snake to relax their need to be right, to be the most sensible, the most switched on. Just relax, take a break, moderate spending, be ok with not knowing, let go of control…a little…just for a bit. If this seems harsh, Tiger is harsh towards Snake, because Tiger fears to embrace the thing he loves deepest, the paradox of Tiger. The only one to make Tiger itch in this way. Turn Snake, turn.


Horse years: 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026, 2038.

Horse is the sunlight that cheers our heart, they are the freedom of a healthy tree to move with the wind. They are open and mature with an always bright outlook. They can be relied upon to always find a safe path for those they are responsible for, their herd. Horse will always respond to a vision directed by a deft sure hand. They can take a project from point A to B they have the agility of mind and body, to meet any change of direction on the path. Horses can pace themselves to arrive on time, with all the participants and the accounts intact and in good condition. Whew! What a ride!

Tiger tip: Trust that all things are going brilliantly, be your normal sunny self and your popularity will increase. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn in to an explosive situation caused by the immaturity of others, look for a bright side.

Horse with the Black Tiger - 2022

Horse has wound up for a full gallop this year, ready in the stall to eject out into free run at any moment…just tell me when…still waiting…oh come on! Black tiger has sauntered past, letting his tail trail across Horses nose. It’s a different race this year, oh best buddy from birth.

Yes, Horse and Tiger for all sense and purposes could be twins, one to lead the other to agree and a carry the load. If there were two kids giggling in the back corner of the room it would be Tiger and Horse.

After a bit of high fiving, Black Tiger is still a Tiger after all, Horse has to content with a slower pace. Time to pull out the diary, the map and the crayons, wipe up the spilt drinks and push a space on the table. Tiger is going to shoot some brilliant ideas and Horse has to draw the treasure map. Once the map is drawn up, Horse has to run around and put together the team, organise the interviews and ensure Tiger turns up on time. Write the speech, laugh at all the jokes, ensure the team packs the equipment, then its off into the wide yonder, finally. Yep, Black Tiger encourages the BFF Horse to find meaning in the direction they are heading, for what purpose and to whom the benefit. With a clear plan treasure will be found. Act at the right time with the right people and a distance can be covered easily. Totally awesome though totally awesome.

Tiger is gently encouraging his skittish friend to strengthen the body, change how they eat and use breath to circulate the deeper fluids, deeper breathing, deeper circulation. It is a different run this year, time to have fun on the inside. Don’t see it as work, Tiger’s gift is to take it all lightly, lighten the load, put the bounce back in your step and find the different path. Resolve to make lifelong friend with your self by finding others and sticking to the map. Kick up your hooves.


Sheep Years: 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027, 2039.

The Sheep is the centre of balance and poise; they embody harmony and are willing to share their sense of peace with others. Sheep are switched on to internal changes in pressure. This will sometimes distract them from the lofty mountain pinnacle upon which they balance their life. They will seek the peaceful solution, desiring a life of ease and are willing to climb, do the hard slog, for that outcome. Do not be thinking they are weak and insubstantial, prepare to defend your footing if you threaten the sheep’s chosen way of life or perceived path to harmony.

Tiger tip: Be sure to maintain a steady foot and clear vision for the whirlwind this year can present. Travel and social gatherings abound, monitor your energy, plans for accomplishment and money; all can be depleted.

Sheep with the Black Tiger - 2022

Sheep arrives quietly, not really noticing they just walked willingly into the Tiger’s domain as the remaining twinges of the last year roll off Sheep’s back. Black Tiger has quietened the pool the waves to mere ripples, Sheep can almost see her own reflection. Last year’s business suit looks a little like flowing cheesecloth and hippie beads. Yep, this Tiger can see right in there.

Black Tiger is the most content of the Tiger family, in the higher air there is less pressure. Sheep may even feel to tuck a few daisies behind the ear and nibble the sweet grass. The Sheep’s luck still holds. Ahh, Black Tiger is still Tiger, the paradox is set to ripple through the Sheep's wool. Tiger loves to play with his lunch, especially the Sheep who will give away all their energy and resources on a ‘sure thing’ or get rich quick schemes and let others do the hard yards. The Sheep who may now feel stuck in a dark valley. Tiger makes the climb out a little more challenging, throwing curve balls and flashing red tape, just for fun.

Keep to the intuitive path, follow the changing pressures within you, a diamond may develop out of extra pressure. Just set a hoof to the true path, be surprised where it may lead. Just remember, Tiger actually can't exist in your domain, by mid-year the external pressure may change and lessen.

Indulge Sheep's creative thinking, artistic flair, there may be a new passion found within the pressures. Never fear Sheep will always pick the right path again. Competition is just a state of mind. Oh and family…hmm emotional knots will drag you to Tiger’s level. Keep it light, fleece falls away eventually. Steady now, Peace and Love.


Monkey Years: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028, 2040.

Monkey is the most fully developed of all of the animals, the most human like. Monkey is like fruit ready for harvest, fully talented for anything Monkey sets his mind to. Witty, skilled and a fast learner, they can see situations before others and quickly apply a result. Their mind is as agile as their body. They can have a short attention span and can only continue if they view the situation as a game. If Monkey can quieten the monkey mind, stop tail chasing and use their brilliant idea wisely they can be a master of all.

Tiger tip: This is the year most likely for gaining points as a hermit. Be discerning about your distractions, take a hold of your boredom and wisely polish your silver so your ideas will turn to gold.

Monkey with the Black Tiger - 2022

Who wouldn’t want a Monkey around a party, the jokes, the antics, the games, the dancing. Monkey can draw a crowd. Tiger usually has a low tolerance of anyone who takes the spotlight. Black Tiger has a smidge more tolerance for Monkey than other Tiger years. It’s a small crack. A pinpoint of light really but light it is, reflected from the pond. Monkey, our most agile thinker, use this as an advantage.

Don’t blow it, it could snuff out at any moment. Be humble, take a moment to look around and really see the little things that make up your life. Use small gestures, small groups, inside voice, pare back the gilding and fine art. Find small sustainable companies, small local business, lend your talents to intricate, seemingly inconsequential actions that bring a smile to your face. Do things without need for reward.

If there is something that requires your flash and dash, your genius and almost savant intelligence, take the time to lend your attention. Feel the stir to feel something different. Tiger prods you to try something grassroots, take on the issues that effect the forest, the water, the security of life. If you take a moment to feel really feel the moment, your reflection would shine back in the shape of the king. Be receptive.


Rooster years: 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029, 2041.

Rooster is the time of harvest and plenty; they can pick the best times, the best pieces and scratch in places nobody else thinks of. The Roster holds the power of transformation. They can unravel a puzzle in a snap and achieve great results under pressure. Taking responsibility seriously, they can over extend themselves and their abilities. Highly competitive and given to impatience the Rooster can be overly critical if not free to develop their quirky interests. Following their eccentricities will calm the mind and allow the Rooster to transform their potentially obsessive nature. Rooster is the best to have with you in any tight situation.

Tiger tip: This year is packed with exciting and prosperous times for the Rooster, some better than others. Tiger doesn’t understand your need to process and plan, things may seem too quick and force you into precarious situations. Take the time you need, the year has the same amount of days and hours, be sure to act in your right timing.

Rooster with the Black Tiger – 2022

Well who ever thought Rooster could dwell with the Tiger. Flapping from rafter to rafter keeping Tiger interested with quirky thinking and eccentric ideas. Unknown to Tiger, Rooster sees through the paradox their true nature. Unknown to Rooster, Tiger’s keen vision can see their true nature, the energy of creation that flows in the guise of the humble farmyard fowl. And Tiger likes shiny things, Rooster collects exotic material. The paradox of Black Tiger is where Tiger family has been kinder, more generous to our feather friend. Black Tiger will be outwardly calm and gentle but reflectively undermining, secretive and eroding. Black Tiger has set potholes, removed traditional pathways and changed the goal posts. Rooster feels a little confused. Unfortunately for Rooster, Tiger in the Black aspect brings forth Tiger’s acquisitive nature. Black Tiger wants what Rooster has.

So what to do? Give freely, be discerning to whom and how much, stand your ground. Tiger values your talents, don’t give Tiger a flapping target to chase. Tiger values and rewards Rooster's organisation, ability to plan, risk manage. Roosters do the stuff Tiger couldn’t be bothered with. Let Tiger’s caustic comments bead off the feathers, tickle tiger with a witty comeback. Maybe this dark aberration will go away, soon. Just another thing to manage in this truly busy time. Not only family, finances and career but a slightly, mad Tiger king, from Rooster’s perspective.

All Rooster’s needs are provided for this year, in this slowly-turning-mad realm. Tiger needs Rooster more than ever to hold it together. While everyone is off navel gazing and checking in with their reflection, letting off fireworks while in an altered state of reality, traversing the unknown depths while partying with the King. Someone has to maintain order or at least the memory of it. So all can be re-built.

Stay to the plan, Tiger has handed Rooster the tiller, whenever something seems distracting or taking up time return to the plan. Be ready to herald the return to sense. Just make it a little fun. Black Tiger is really amending Rooster’s job description, encouraging Rooster to step up. Think of it as a promotion, recognition of service. Black Tiger's curve ball may feel like 'betrayal of trust', Tiger thinks he means it but to Rooster, Tiger is not in his right mind. Tiger knows the realm is in good hands, humility will guide decisions. It’s all a little Cra-aazy, but in a good way…possibly.


Dog years: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030.

Dogs are a natural provider, they are the coming of winter, and they constantly ask ‘Who is responsible?’ Dog is the hard worker, the one to be relied upon when the cause seems lost. Dog works well in a team and will work hard to achieve success. Given to emotional outbursts and emotional overwhelm, Dog cannot sometimes control how he feels and reason can go out the window. The champion of the underdog; the guardian of fairness and equality for all people, Dog cannot see beyond the direction given by others. Loyal, compassionate friend who will always stand beside you.

Tiger Tip: A great time for meeting like minded people and expanding your social circle. A happy time, do a bit of research into any reports before acting or reacting. Lap it up!

Dog in the Black Tiger – 2022

Dog has circled the party, sniffed a few corners, licked a few hands and taken up position on the porch. Tiger is Dog’s BF, they almost share a telepathic link, each responding to the others fight or flight without a word being said. Tiger always seeks Dog’s advice in most things, Black Tiger asks Dog to double check the source of the advice…triple check.

This is the year to fact check, background check and dig a little deeper before hitching your sled to any cause. In fact, look at the accumulated friends, causes, political ideologies. Do they dangle treats that make you perform in certain ways?

Black Tiger has the ability to see to the truth of a matter, he values Dog's loyalty, fairness and ability to communicate with many, organise the hearts and minds of others to bring about a result. So be sure of your sources, many people want the attention of the king, and they will try to do it through you. Many people have valid causes, be aware that you could be lead down the garden path as you are friend to most people. Take a leaf from Black Tiger this year and reflect on your motives, clean out the kennel to have a fresh look at the best direction. Allow a little lone wolf time, remove and have time away from all the stimulus and trappings of life. Enjoy a sense of stability that has been a long time coming.


Pig years: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1195, 2007, 2019, 2031.

The Pig is the maker of rest and peace understands the need for tranquillity in life and appreciates the need to celebrate the milestones. Highly sensitive the pig will seek sensitivity ‘down-time’ and will make home a haven. Always a perfectionist but willing to make compromises so everyone can win, Pig is devoted to career and will incorporate personal interests with work. Strong minded almost to the extreme especially if they are unable to achieve their goals. Pig is creative and will indulge in all the fine things of life.

Tiger tip: If you can advance your career or those of others or travel this year without incurring debt or over spending, then this is a most exciting year, some juicy and delicious, others not so.

Pig in the Black Tiger – 2022

Yep, Dancing, check. Wine, check. Snacks, check, Poncho if it gets chilly, check. Flower garlands, check. Tissues, check. Diving suit, check. Torch, check. Lawyer, check. Piggy is packed and ready. There's a knock at the door. Piggy hasn’t even left the house and Black Tiger has sent an emissary. It’s a familiar face, family time and this will delay your party going a little. Breathe.

Phew, must be getting closer to the party, been walking for days. The party must be on this track, all the pretty red streamers…oh not streamers, red tape. Well Piggy, you are our most particular one, never fear, we all know you’ve got this. You’ve checked records, made notes, even know a few helpful people. Maybe time to call a friend to help unknot the labyrinth. Even if you haven’t spoken for years, don’t sweat it, Piggy, your good nature is valued by friends past and present. But alas, it isn’t where the party is. Delays, delays.

By mid-year things will begin to smooth out, Black Tiger has lit the light on the porch to guide Piggy across to safe harbour. Keep your patience and temper checked, try not to fill your time to the brim with work, work and more work. Try not to give into FoMo or pushing to make up time. It will all equal out. Black Tiger’s light is giving a focal point to meditate on, a shimmering reflection across the bay. Take some chill time, a little reflection will help step into the next twelve months. Party on!

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