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New Year Renew You

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

A fundamental precept when practicing the ancient art of Feng Shui, either as an art of placement or as alchemical change within the body; 'to create change then change one thing.' Simple effective change comes from simple effective action in an area of intention. It may appear external and non-personal but it is the explaination of the butterfly effect.

For example; if you want to change a specific muscle group to give a desired physical attribute, then you focus your attention and perform actions to initiate this potential each time you do it.

You don't see the effect immediately but incrementally over time the result emerges from how things used to be. The more regular you apply your focus, attention and action, the more effective the result. Simple effective change.

It is the same for anything that manifests in our life, we can change if we wish to by giving focus, attention and action. Another example would be to if you wish to change your career, you would have to acquire the qualifications, connections and knowledge to change by applying focus, attention and perform the actions required. It is no different if you wish to change the chaos you feel to more calm, the sadness to forgiveness, the tension and confinement to more space, the resentment to love, the anger to passion and so on.

There are moments on our journey where we experience 'epiphanies' or clear insight about what we want to change either; about our body, how we act , how we account in our finances, the direction we wish to move in and so on.

The New Year is a time when this clarity can be most present, where we see clearly what it is we want to change. In one way because we are in a community consciousness that supports it at that time, a lot of people are thinking about this at the same time. You may have taken time off work, you may be in a more relaxed state and therefore able to give your insight more attention.

So we have an epiphany, we feel resolve and the touch of euphoria within the expanded frame of mind and the sense there is an answer to a question. Change has happened at some level, you are seeing clearly for the first time in a potential long time to a question you have posed to yourself and your situation. In this state change one thing in your physical world, this can be as simple as write down the list of potential things you can do to make the change manifest, without judgement. Whatever change one thing in your immediate environment that you see everyday. This will be a continual re-enforcement to your resolve to change. All manifestation is through the gathering of resources and energy, nothing comes from something.

As you metaphorically come down off the mountain, this is the time it all counts. You have stepped once again into the physical world of time and your making and it will still try to work to the patterns of the past, as yet the change you have initiated has not manifested. Now the laws of the physical world are weighing upon you. It begins to feel as if you had a dream, not a real moment of change.

This is where you need focus, look at the plan you made, relate it to the thing you wish to change.

Give this the attention it deserves as like a child of your making, trying to come into this world. Now act on the actions that need to create something that you have seen. clearly, as benefit to your life. If you judge your actions as less than you are able, then this allows judgement of others that may undermine your resolve. Just as a child that needs to gestate, your change maybe for three, six or nine months before you see something real to this world.

For example, you may want to move your body more to increase circulation and oxygen, both very healing nourishment to the body. You may see this as paying money in exchange for motivation, equipment and support, first you need the money to do that, this is part of the gathering of resources required to manifest you may have identified. One way that may be helpful if you feel you don't, at this time have those extra resources. This may be the time to identify how you can acquire this resource, by saving, improving income, sell something and so on.

Without a pause then do potentially two things that does not require that particular extra resource as yet. What is the level of energy required, that is, the level of fitness? Choose an activity that is free to participate. By the time you have the money you have a level of energy that allows your money to be better utilised by having a level of fitness you would not have had when you first started.

What is the energy intake to maintain the energy level, as in, what is the quality of food, sunlight, water and air, you are at present in-taking? Change what you need to here. Walk more in nature, everyday for an hour, focus on breath and relaxation while you walk, explore ancient breathing techniques, replace one meal a week of highly processed food to more natural production food, then each week make it another one, find access to quality water, drink often.

Without the resource and energy in place it may be potentially more difficult to birth this change, and support lasting change. As you make one change it will support the next change and so on. Keep noting the effects no matter how small.

You, changing or acting everyday to manifest change you see, can be challenging for those around you. For those who love you by witnessing you acting on your resolve and focus they will come to be your supporter. Keep the door open to them, mention your journey, your focus, be objective to their advice. For those who don't 'love' you, and this is a truth for the feeling they have as love/friendship for you could be complicated by a roundabout connection to the heart, first travelling through other emotions and experiences. It may one day make it to the heart, it may not. You may identify with the advice they give, their resolve to how they see your change manifesting maybe louder at times than your own.

Now it is time to use your 'mirror'. What is it that you see? Body, frame of mind, finances, attitude, creativity, etc. what is embodied before you? Is what they see, a match for what you see yourself in your reflection of how you wish to manifest at this time? It may be time to step out of their mirror. If their reflection seems more attractive, just remember who's reflection it is, before you step back into it, before you let go of what you have already manifested, no matter how small.

All that we have talked about to this point is how you can activate the Butterfly effect. A small ripple of change that seemingly is unconnected to the reality you live in, like something that is in the world of transformative change, almost an intangible concept, travels into the world of form and time. If you wish to change then change one thing, and keep doing that, because change will happen. We have choice as to what and how that may be, by listening in relaxation to the insight within that seems to understand how best our

time can be utilised to bring about what we need. Simple effective change. When enough focus, attention and action comes together in the one place and time, great things can happen.

Happy New Year!

May 2022 hold the potential for supporting the change you wish to bring into the world.

Love to all,


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