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Activating something Colourful

Using B122, Bright Magenta / Lime Green - Poseidon, my ruminations and meditations with this new energy over the last two weeks. Weeelll, an old energy in a new bottle, in any case.

Something inter-dimensional, like another world though viewed from this world. Like a dimensional doorway without going anywhere. If you understand the center of the universe concept in the practice of biodynamics it has that potential seemingly with in it. Standing where you are and within the potential of another dimension.

The gentleness of still water from a pure source, yet containing the accumulation of all interactions. Like small particles of algae. Viewing the light from the depth underwater, Muted or veiled. The internal waters.

Initially , for me, there was a strong light of Pale Coral from the visual of the bottle. When sitting in water with it and viewing again. It felt like a rebirth bottle and I was turning the interesting relationship potential with B22 the rebirth bottle. Then I remembered my first feelings when first seeing, sitting and handling the bottle, the sense of coral energy emanating from the combination. This initiated a strong pull for the Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara quintessence , the pale coral ray.

I felt quite enchanted by this visual and feeling with the first meeting of the B122, it intrigued me and motivated a deep curiosity that excited my choice to use the combination. I remember shaking without opening first and being touched by this inexplicable sense of pale coral, with no actual potential first sight relationship to that colour directly. I felt this deep movement of humour of a fellowship sense as I opened the bottle to sniff it.

I tried to capture my first 'shakings' and this coral light sense with photos. Not actually a good representation, but it was fun anyway. I think trying to capture that wonder, that 'Wow! Check that out!' moment, is a bit like trying to capture a UFO on a box brownie. A bit of a be there and live in my skin, moment, possibly. Anyway... Check that out!

Once the energy was activated, it made me stretch, not yoga. Stretch part of me that had a confined sense, like it was curled up in a foetal position, awaiting an input or just there, not forgotten. It was as if it had been put aside like a growing life that was stacked away for the right moment to stretch. Thinking about it now it relates to the kangaroo that came into my morning mediations by a creek this last weekend.

I was allowing the morning colours, allow myself to just be within, such pleasure and the sounds of the awakening morning. Across the bank, veiled by vegetation, bounced a kangaroo. Silent, fleeting, strong, power of purpose. The morning sun flashed the colour of its fur, red graduating into grey. I just felt love to just be in this moment sharing with this animal doing its own thing in pure silence. travelling its path, it disappeared into vegetation and with perfect timing, a joey bounced high, out the opposite side of the vegetation. It looked as if the joey was birthed from the bush. As if the adult underwent some transformation while traversing the bush, the bush as if a doorway from one reality to another and the kangaroo was reborn anew. At the time it made me smile at the perfection of timing and seamless flow of life stream.

Most times when I come to applying the colour to my body, I sort of go blank as to where to rub it first or most or something. What region of this expanse needs it the most :D. Especially when applying a new combination like Poseidon is, with no potential precedent to follow in times of 'blankness' , so to speak. Usually some part of me kicks in that is the logical part going , 'Oh ok, so we've got Bright magenta and lime green, hmm I guess, possibly stomach region, liver type area, maybe kidney or just anywhere with the magenta. So where does the 'Bright' take this, hmm?' Or such, this is just a potential process my thinking goes to while I slap on the first layer.

Then I smell the vapours the combined perfumes of the activated colour interacting with the body, lifting scents with the heat. And I have to say, for me the quality of the Lime Green as started in the B121 Pluton is so intriguing, recognisable as if from a great distance. An ancient scent of when the life was new. These qualities are again present but with Poseidon the overriding note is the smell of Rose water. As if today the rose was picked and its gently bruised petals suffused in pure life giving water, now, this moment... now.

I can't get enough of it. So it surprised me that when I started using it and turned to look back at the bottle after the first week I had just skimmed the shoulders. Oddly, due to the place I was in; mentally, emotionally and physically, I found my self placing a huge expectation upon the application of this energy. The rose water scent seemed to for some reason bring me back, see myself and shake myself off and decide to take a step to the left and reset my approach. To doing something that has the potential for accessing something of a divinity in all things.

A sense to regain a humility to the process.

Step one: to do colour breathing. In meditative state allowing the body to be suffused with the visual of the colours, as if filling the body. At the time, it was a little thing and was exactly what was needed to reset the process. It was as if like a baby in the womb, gains a first sense of self and stretches feels the movement of the contained water and feels the response within and without.

Step two: Take Poseidon camping with us on the weekend. This is not unusual, this time though there was the need to consciously state it. To return as promised, the week before with the potential to participate in a clearing process, if needed, to support the creek system. Outwardly all seemed fine, though something was niggling while there something felt out of sorts and scratch the surface and literally things stank. The water seemed, muted, choked and overwhelmed, I felt an issue to the water quality. Don't know if there was, everyone else seemed happy. But I noticed no frogs, no cicadas, no crickets and something that reminded me of agricultural effluent.

Synchronous Experiences

It is interesting that this process sort of sums up a lot of my experience of life to this point as in I make a really small inconsequential seeming decisions of no real decision at all. From these inconsequential decisions, things just flowed. Like living in rain of synchronicity. There is nothing unusual or out of the usual that I do but there are these moment of awarenss of the usual things that seem to chain together in a series of events. You could have chained a different set of event together from the same set of usual things and got a different result, whatever that would be. Mayb.

I had essences and energetic offerings for offering to Nature, it was close to full moon, the moon was rising and Jupiter and Venus were setting while travelling around in Pieces, it was global meditation time and on and on. I don't know if all this means anything but it seemed interesting to note and experience, plus tickle the bones with excitement. There were plant experiences, animal experiences, astronomical experiences, horological experiences and beautiful weather, to name a few.

Random Plant Experience

I had only heard about as a wild plant before never seen in the wild, seen in captivity, and here it was growing protected by an amazing ancient wattle tree and a introduced Willow tree. On the first morning, I was walking the edge of the creek after my meditation when I felt this energy behind me, I turned and there it was, a Pink Calistemon, known as a Bottlebrush.

This is a natural hybrid that happens with genetic mutation, it is like a bridge between two species some of its flowers are soft pink and some flowers are half pink, half white. I remember as a child stopping by roadside creek crossings and following word of mouth instructions as my mum would look for this bush in vain. As a 'citizen scientist', visually it appears to show where it has come from and the potential of what may come from it. I don't have better words how ever it was most joyful find, in full bloom and less than 50 metres from our campsite. In that moment, was the beginnings of a formulation of an answer to my mediation question. This was a bridge, that if willing, may wish to support the clearing process.

All the time there was 'a tickle' at the back of my brain of 'would this be enough, this is a large area of consistent overlay of thinking and acting a certain way, would what we do here, have any penetration of support. For the first time in a long time there was a sense of 'much' that I hadn't felt for a long time. As I stood, in reflection, drinking my morning coffee, I felt this energy on my left side and in one sense as if it took my hand in its and said it would help, it was of course the Pink Bottlebrush. I saw a clear picture of the potential of how to do this, so off we went.

Trust in Divinity in All Life

As we went through the process a wind came up swirled around and left. magpie's started calling as if in morning song to which I was gifted a feather and then crows started taking and spreading the message. Then out of nowhere a handful of cicadas started chirping and a cricket at my feet. It was as if the vibration, so subtle yet so there was happening.

Within the first half hour a crescent of clear water, central to our point on the bank, spread all the way to the other bank. I felt like I was sitting in this hum, as I became aware of three types of native bee working the Pink Bottlebrush. Sound felt so important, and we sat with this for another half hour during this time a motor boat came speeding toward our position. 'Oh no!' I thought, 'That sound would interfere with what is happening here!', it all felt so vulnerable. I guess you just have to trust the divine in all beings, when the driver approached he turned his motor off and cruised past with the flow of the creek and momentum and then started up again once he was past. ?! There are bigger things than our little things first appear, I guess.

'Life happens when you're busy making other plans', - John Lennon

rising of the moon, on and on and on. Many little things each fulfilling of the heart and sustaining of the soul. No way to know.

There are many times where I have been conscious of miracles in life, transformations, healings, connection for no reason, unknowable, unfathomable and awe inspiring, illuminations and awakenings. Some consciously formulated, some not so.

To this day I still experience the wonder as if the first time, there is not one moment where I feel as if I know anything or what that outcome will be. Even when deliberately formulating there is never a moment where 'I am in control' not once and not ever and actually I don't think it could be any other way. I give thanks truly to having a curiousity of life and my dad saying to me, from the moment I was just beginning this life, 'Humble yourself'.

Much happened that day to affirm our connection to more than ourselves, to the point that my partner had to drive back to go to the emergency to get stiches in his foot from finding broken glass in the water. While he was in emergency I sent him a photo, unconsciously, of the fire with our dinner cooking and the setting sun, just to 'tickle' him while he was surrounded by hospital scenes. As I prepared the fire, I was also preparing for Global meditation which was scheduled for later with Magenta Pomander with the Pallas Athena and Aeolus Quintessence. Much to my surprise the colour of the light expressed from the gathered fallen wood of an ancient wattle shone out from the fire.

And just to top it off, I also at the same time sent him the setting of Jupiter and Venus, while they were traversing the constellation of Pieces, also suffused in the gold and magenta of the setting sun.

So as I find myself from beneath the surface of the still water looking up through the particles suspended in the water the life giving oxygenating plant life of the water suffusing the clarity with translucent green. The flickering of the light of the rippling surface fills the vision, the beat of my heart fills my ears and the outer sounds of the world interacting with the depths, multiple angles of sound, holographic sound. And so I stay in this, warm without heating, soft without touching, silent without silence, love without being loved, space and place with defined boundaries without definition.

I could have been anywhere and I was in my bathtub. I could have been in anytime and on no timeline at all, the whole universal system could have been in a different path of movement and I was right here. I was within the internal waters, the waters of generation and creation. From this was a sense of 'governing', governing factor, governing force. Though not as we know the word, but as we do.

Looking back as I write this, my mind goes to the bubbling spring from which it generates and the governing channel/vessel within us all. There is much to how this relates to the body, much to how this overlays in the land as we interact with it. This channel contains 28 points along the spine. (28 a cycle of the moon, a measure of time) From the anus and coccyx to the upper lip and bridge of the nose. Along this major vessel are what are called gates. these gates can be opened as the energy moves along the channel. Each gate, in the mythical way of travelling the line, opens and governs various dimensions and challenges to experience as you walk the line, so to speak. The goal, if there is such a thing, may seemingly be to reach enlightenment as you traverse from the nape of the neck to the crown and beyond. There is much here symbolically and mythically, for our journey. In relation to my experiences with the energy of the B122 Poseidon this has a potential gate opener thingy or choice of such. Or to be sitting in the gateway balancing the choice but learning so much about your potential. There is an interesting paradox bit really it to me the view from the gateway, the dimension into which a view has been opened.

At this time I've 'accidentally' re-read Mike first thoughts of B122. I had been thinking in a small way that all this is too weird. too random, too me doing me stuff, to have any connection to Mike's first thoughts. however you read it and see if anything connects. For me a bit of a 'Well that be most interesting, me hearties'

There is something so subtle, so unseen that it can be so easily overlooked, it feels we, the unconscious human experience, could just 'steamroll' over the top of it, and vici versa. And yet when you think, 'This is Poseidon, a big deal, big dude, a planetary force, the 'Earth-shaker' we even have Neptune to float in the heavens. It feels a little like Poseidon works within our perception of Nature. The bit that we can effect and change though it has it's own blueprint, so to speak. Life going to happen whether you are prepared for it or not. Whether you know or not. As Mike related there is a the in right place, doing the right thing at the right time aspect within this energy experience. There is no way to know what that is, it is just doing your thing as you do it with all your fonts open and awake.

So these are just the gathering thoughts of the B122, I love this combination, I changed my view to the process, it could have been different, maybe if I had continued. If I think about it and place myself in the potential of that other view, it comes to me like looking through old glass, green and opaque. It feel interesting, a lot is similar but not the same. Choice is an interesting concept. And I chose this that is one thing for sure.

Love and Best wishes always


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