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Light Therapy Treatment -

For tissue repair, improve blood flow, energy recovery, pain management, support wellbeing.

  • 30 minutes
  • 25 Australian dollars
  • Uriel'sTemple

What the Session is about

A half hour to immerse in the full spectrum light for restoring quality of life . Coloured lenses available for specific colour wavelengths. Some potential benefits shown using Bioptron light therapy: Increased cellular energy Increased micro-circulation and cell activity Increased production of collagen and elastin Reduced swelling and inflammation Improves micro-circulation and cell stimulation Reinforces the body's defence system Stimulates regenerative and reparative processes Speeds up wound healing Relieves pain or decreases its intensity This an allotted 30 minute time frame for booking purposes. Chronic conditions may require more time however for initial session allow 30 mins. What happens: We discuss your needs. You lay fully clothed on the mat. We select coloured lens, if needed for specific requirements. Bioptron light therapy instrument is set to time you require and your session begins. If your needs require, application of light to more than one area, your session will be timed to allow equal time on areas specific to your needs. If you have any concerns. please consult your health professional before treatment. You may experience an infused sensation of heat either in localised area or generalised over the body area. You may feel tingling, you may feel a sense of wellbeing in mind and body. It is not uncommon to experience full relaxation. Technical Stuff: Bioptron light is Polarised Polychromatic Non-coherent Light, Breaking it down - Polarised - light waves move on parallel planes. Bioptron polarisation reaches a degree of approximately 95%, which narrows and concentrates the beam. Polychromatic - Polychromatic light contains a wide range of wavelengths, including visible light and a part of infrared range. Wavelength range; 480 nm to 3400nm. This electromagnetic spectrum does not contain ultraviolet radiation. Non-coherent - The light waves are not synchronized. For independent information on the biostimulative effects of Bioptron light, the potential why it has a supportive and reconstructive effect from clinical trials:

When Things Happen

To cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 24hrs before your appointment.

Contact Details

  • 11 Railway Street, Toowoomba City QLD, Australia


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