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Why do we use incense?

Many of us have a picture of incense sticks being held by a devotee in front of a shrine or a priest swinging a burner around a crowd of parishioners. There are roots in this practice which come from before these times and can still be utilised to this day, very simply and effectively.

To utilise incense as a visioning tool, is to have a clear idea/vision/picture and a basically balanced state of being; in other words, to be in a relaxed meditative state. Light the incense and bring it into the body energy field that best holds the vision. Connect to Earth and Divine, allow a little time to impart the request held in the vision. When there is a clear sense of forward; breathe in the image/idea/vision, pause, then slowly breathe it out into the smoke, then with gratitude, release the practice and allow incense to burn to completion.

Using smoke as a tool is best in an open space, you can use one stick or tie a clump of sticks together with natural thread, whatever you are guided to for your specific situation. For best results when working with smoke and intention it is to procure the highest quality aromatics that offer minimal buffering in the ingredients. All aromatics offer aspects that relate to our human experience, this is due to the specific energy frequencies held within nature and combination of the ingredients used.

Aura-Soma® Energised Incense Sticks contain blends that focus specifically on the the natural human experience. Where the human is respected as a whole being flowing between universal and individual relationship with the environment, inner and outer. The energised incense stick supports the human journey you find yourself on, and smell great. Work equally as a seekers tool or just to place a clear intention, energised naturally in the manufacture of the stick, into your space for the duration of the stick burn.

packaged in an airtight metal cylinder, each cylinder contains 30 sticks, 14cms (5.5 in.) long, as well as a wooden ash catcher style incense burner.

Receive a 25% discount on Aura-Soma® Energised Incense Sticks when subscribing to Uriel's Temple. It is free to subscribe, may we help on your journey with a little more light.

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