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What happened on the Challenge

Taking this challenge has been a very amazing process. The subtle workings of the soul experiencing through the purpose formulated in the original cell. The spark that initiated the conception of our life here at this time. Revealing the formulation of the landscape we live in. Into which we have the choice of the seeds of Karma we plant, how we cultivate our landscape around us determines our experiences with the landscape in which we live.

Taking this challenge has given me a great appreciation of this process, not as words or concepts given by someone else, but actually an experience of this amazing creation to which may awaken the connection to unseen parts of us before we showed up here, while we are here and the potential of how that comes together.

My time on the Challenge revealed so much about my relationship with others and my self, then it was as if all things flowed together to heal aspects, reveal purpose in my actions and place a space of clear direction. I feel a sense of gratitude for the process an what came to the surface and what healed what needed healing, even though I wasn't aware of the impact this would have. Time seemed irrelevant in those moments.

At the end of the challenge, I was so energised, humbled, awed, grateful, and resolved that I asked for feedback from other participants. Even though we had a group for sharing some people aren't always feeling their experience is something to share however the feedback was astounding in what revealed for people.

Some people are made aware of the rich tapestry where their parents or ancestors are interacting with them supporting their journey. some experience a different aspect that person was unable in physical body to express or support with. Some see the synchronistic moments that punctuate life with guiding energy, louder, more noticeable and more relevant rather than an oddity.

Some find healing conversations happening where once the conversation seemed unlikely. A letting -go of the past, experiencing the healing ripple generated through the potential of the equilibrium being applied. Some find an opening opportunity in a loved one that may have always been there but was clouded by past hurt and unexpressed feeling, something within the equilibrium applied makes all that seem as if to fall away in that moment and the healing awakened in the relationship by stepping into the opportunity created. And just being within it. It becomes healing for more than just one.

Some experienced dreams that just helped them feel good, more peaceful and feeling a sense of connecting to something good and felt a part of something bigger than they were potentially known before which brought a comfort. They found the feeling stayed around like a background support as they went day to day. Some felt the meditation helped them see colours that seemed to flow around them while mediating.

So many experiences so many small and larger healings that supported the direction and purpose of the soul's journey at this time. So grateful to have undertaken this process with the people. Now I ask myself what is different? different from any other time I use Equilibrium?

Every time I use Equilibrium there I feel connection and awakenings and experiences. The challenge though made me really focus on the process and the intention as to why I chose the bottles in the first place. Sometimes when I place myself in a more connected moment and then go back to what I was doing, go home; it is as if I sort of distance myself from that moment. there is this accepted belief in time and that time is distance. So when applying that evening, sometimes the distance between the connected moment and connecting again, feels filled with what I was doing and this gets in the way. I don't feel as if I am relating as well to what I experienced when chose my Equilibrium. If this makes sense.

The Equilibrium Everyday Challenge is having a consultation, in which you choose four bottles as per a consultation process. Most people like to choose one combination of the four to work with. I used to also always choose one as this is what i thought the process was for a long time. however I couldn't inexplicably resolve the feeling each bottle made up a part of the whole. Then one day I found where Vicki Wall the founder had said choosing one is good however there is a whole story going on, each bottle represented a part of that story.

So then I started using four whenever the feeling was for the four. Amazing. If I want to really shift things the four seem to have the issue, the challenge, the gift and the resolution within their whole entirety.

Over the years I came to realise the challenges I faced coming to this point, just simply applying the Equilibrium, others face too. I remember the challenge of for a while accepting I could use something so beautiful just for me only. Then the challenge of finishing a bottle, 50ml not a lot, though I remember when it felt endless. For a while I had bottles shoved in draws, unfinished, like some guilty little secret. Then I would use the fact I hadn't finished bottles to stop myself using more bottles. Then I used time as a challenge to myself, when to have the time to apply. I had to discover shutting doors to physically create space for me to give time. (This was discovered 'accidentally' with #89 -physical action to rescue the parts of me that was stuck in time, made a huge impact in my life) Then I found a challenge to apply by there was a process and some elitist part of me rejected the fact the process took up too much time. So you see I understand applying something that helps free me from the idea of myself and puts me into myself as I am; can potentially be a challenge.

I understand that when I'm left to my own devices, I can get in my own way to doing what it is I've set on my path to do. So the Equilibrium Everyday offers connection, support and focus. As a practitioner I honour the fact someone has walked into my room with a commitment and resolve to themselves. To face what needs to be faced and bring healing to some aspect of their experience, reshape their landscape, ripple the timeline with positive vibes to the being they were and to the being they are becoming. The challenge is a small way to stepping our own paths bring the best of who we are in our own way but with connection to others doing the same thing.

The weekly zoom meetings which are optional to attend are such that just to give focus that day may support moving into the next week. the meetings are recorded and shared with participants to access any time. the group chat is open all the time for sharing's either photos or experiences and such.

The Challenge opens with a welcome meeting and then the following week having a face to face consultation where you choose your four bottles and any support products you feel to use. Part of the process will include some information of using support products with your selection, though it is optional to the challenge.

There are no rules to this and the greater guide is always within.

I look forward to sharing with you all in the future.

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