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The Power of Simplicity

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Take a load off this season.
A cup of Calmness

Herbs that are easily accessible and simple. Today I was with a client and we entered a discussion as to how the Natural Therapies world had taken a complexity that it once didn't have, seemingly. Once you left your practitioner with maybe two things and a care plan. Now you leave with what feels an arm load and dose instructions. Something has shifted and most people are a bit overwhelmed. In my experience, if the mind is overwhelmed after visiting their Natural Therapist, then the body is overwhelmed, if the body is overwhelmed then the uptake of supporting nutrient is limited.

So I question the value of this. I'm sure not all therapists are the same and there are amazing people doing great work. This is just my observation and the observations of others relating a similar experience. i ackowledment of this being reflective of how there seems a complexity in life that maybe was not there once before. It feels Simplicity in things has been overlooked. Simplicity in foods, medicines, life needs and many more. This post is just to share a simple thing, encourage us to embrace simple things we can all do easily when we need to.

Fresh dried herbs have a high concentration of volatile oils.
Fresh Peppermint

While talking it seemed that because I grew up with my dad being a grassroots qualified herbalist and naturopath. I had the fortunate experience of being a small part of his journey as he studied, qualified and manufactured his own pills, tinctures, brews and creams for the benefit of others. Dad of course had a day job as a farmer on our family farming company, and as the kids we were the fillers to watch ointments slowly absorb extracted herbs, pick leaves, flowers, sort dried vegetation, steep herbal teas, listen to tapes of lectures on herbs on long distance driving trips and so on; while mum and dad had to attend other things. We all wish for simpler times, and these days are today, seen as simpler times.

A little recommendation for keeping it simple this season:

A herbal tea that is both calming and uplifting on the body system. Mainly digestive and ripple for whole being. Potential to calm the worry, stress and anxiety that surrounds our experience, it may not change the world but it may allow a sense of calm, even when you are 'all systems go'.

  • Chamomile

  • Peppermint

A simple easy way to find the best, I've found to date is Nerada organics in teabag form is both fresh for a generic brand and accessible in the local super market. Either have singularly or a bag of each at one sitting.

Consider a cup mid morning and a cup mid afternoon. Cup size (these little things matter) the mug size. Pour boiling water over your bags, take water level to fill cup just below the rim and place a saucer on top to allow to steep for about 4-5mins. The saucer also acts to maintain the initial higher volatility oil releases to be contained until you are ready to drink.

Such a joy from garden to tea. Dried has a concentration of vital forces. store in sealed dark dry conditions. Harvest with  a fine hair comb.
Dried Chamomile flowers

As you take the first sips take in the aromas via breathing through your nose, take in the steam. We forget that there is a layering to our interaction with our herb friends, this is to encourage this remembering to take in the multi layers of the herb.

If you feel, you can remove the chamomile teabag at this stage however to leave it until the end is fine. Though I do encourage leaving the peppermint to the end.

If you wish to use a teapot this is good too; however consider measuring the water you put into the teapot as it is easy to dilute the tea with extra due to the size. These little things are important.

This is as simple as it gets, take away the overlay of what you have been told about these herbs and the benefits that have been ascribed to them. Due to the hype around them, you maybe walking past one of the simplest benefits for you body. Drink it for no other reason but its restorative calming moment in the day.

Merry Christmas, with Love and Best wishes


N.B. look for yours in your little gift pack at the Lightwalkers Christmas Gathering!!

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