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August Time for Dreaming before Waking

August - the turning from Winter to Spring- the time of winds, dreams and inner healing. As the light is on the increase and the Earth is entering it's 'final REM state'. The time we walk within the land of dreams, take note of your dreams at this time or practice lucid dreaming.

Some traditions encourage the wearing of Turquoise as protection while travelling these states.

Turquoise August, spiritual protection, hunting, questing, travelling
Turquoise for protection while vision questing

This is the time to go through everything and clean out the cupboards, cut away unwanted or outdated stuff. Counter to what we are told in mainstream, this is the time to set goals. the time to visualise the big picture. This is the time to set and forget. There is more power to dreams at this time. There is more realism to the unreal and the intangible. You will find something freer while doing day to day activity that allows daydreaming to be more engrossing, more vivid than maybe other times.

If you are an 'easy daydreamer' then now is a good time to maybe give it attention and focus to consider what it is you are proposing to create in the future.

While in this state, this creative dream power, there comes responsibility to our future generations. A question to ask while setting your goals or dreams would be for this time; 'How does this proposed action affect my my future ancestors- my grandchildren's grandchildren, the next seven generations?'

The body is now being triggered to come forth from its time of lowest light, as if returning from death to be reborn. It is the time for inner healing. Sprouted seeds and young growth, youthful meats simply prepared, are beneficial to support the returning life energy. The power of lemon comes into its own at this time.

Plantain is a herb of this time. It replicates the drawing properties of the Earth. The drawing out of negative toxic situations, letting go of unused and dead bits. Also consider mullein, marshmallow and dandelion.

The internal gathering that has happened in the last season such as; building the immune system, strengthening the bones and supporting the health of the bowel and reproductive organs. The light increase begins to initiate an increase and focus to the replication and replacement of cells, for growth, longevity and tissue integrity.

As the time of winds, breath is important, quality fresh air. Activate your meditation with some natural diaphragm breathing. Sunbathing has great effect at this time for imitating the body processes. The body is trying to shift mucus, toxicity and accumulated fats so the lungs, the liver and the kidney. Laugh lots, take things lightly and let of stuff that isn't your responsibility.

As a side note, the Australian wattle family has been shouting its presence as the herald of the our native flower season hitting it's stride. Interestingly, the sap of the wattle has a similar colour to the saps of the plantain and mullein, especially when exposed to air. Plus considering the plantain has a similar leaf structure to the wattle. I wonder if there is something here that has a similar action either on the body or with the earth, something I hope will be explored some day. We have much to be open to, as really we don't know a lot to even think we know anything.

Just a note: all this information is general in nature and collected from many sources, and experiences over the years. Whatever I relate in no way replaces advice from a registered health professional nor is it a replacement for your own professional guidance and life choices.

Best love to you always.

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