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Focussed on Wellbeing.
Energy balance in the body, the home and the Earth.
Sessions, products, and gatherings to support whole being empowerment and your personal spiritual practice.

em'powerment  n.  (supplied with)  the means to act in
vigour, energy or a particular faculty of body or mind.

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Personal one on one time for restoring the mind body spirit. Accessing tools that offer your whole being, the opportunity to remember the lightbody,. connect with the best of who we are.


Chakra Colour Massage

Gentle massage for restoring the energy centers of the body. For relaxing, revitalising & restoring, energy, & focus.

Providing time for self care of the whole being.

Private Property

Home Energy Balance

Using ancient practice of energy line dowsing, Identifying negative lines, zones or patterns not conducive to life and applying fixes, potential cures and inviting Nature to restore balance.



Hi,  and welcome to the little place of light, I'm Kathleen Aisthorpe, I started Uriel's Temple with the goal in mind to provide a place that offers the potential to empower the whole being, energetically. A place for sessions to nourish the subtle body energy; make available tools for personal spiritual practice; empower the intuitive and restore wellbeing in the mind body spirit. I've kept the selection of sessions deliberately refined, however all sessions and products are offered with the same three basic values;​

  •  a history of benefit.

  • utilise best practices available at this time for body and Earth.

  • support everyday spiritual practice.

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