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How it came about

Little things make big things.

Uriel's Temple was founded in 2020 in Toowoomba, Queensland to support and foster the sense of mindfulness and peace in the surrounding community. A place for wellbeing that offers select products and services to all people. We believe in empowering individual wellbeing; nurturing the physical senses, mental, and emotional aspects of the body, bridging between the soul layers of the body. 


Your wellbeing, has the potential to 'ripple like waves across the water', to others; family, workplaces and community. Whether you are experiencing tension in your outer life or simply want to improve your emotional and mental wellbeing, Uriel's Temple provides a supportive and friendly environment to do so. Providing a little place for your light to grow, to restore balance in the layers of the body. Seen and unseen.

Ocean Rocks

em'powerment  n.  (supplied with)  the means to act in

vigour, energy or a particular faculty of body or mind.