Home Balance and System of Re-balance.

Release stuck energy, distortions and emotional overload in your home.

  • 2 hours
  • Customer's Place

What the Session is about

Identify Earth energy affecting health of home. Understand the living connection of our home and the surrounding environment. Release distortion patterns created by our electrical systems and communications wavelengths. Participate in a unique energy release process to allow balance, peace and clear space. This unique process opens the potential to connect with the memory within the Earth, in the space in which you stand. Please note this session is only offered as part of Tiger's Eye plan. As part of a Plan, included is: Aura-soma Consultation, allow support that has the potential to empower our body to return to a more natural state. Receive three personal system balance massages using the unique Aura-Soma Products specific to ensuring the body restores integrity of original cell blueprint. This is a wholistic approach to you and your space and the environment we interact within. Time has shown that the more we invest in our own energy that we put out, the better our personal space functions, energetically. I may come into your space and help shift things, the integrity of this over time is really in your hands. I support this be offering services that can help you as a needle of light interacting with the Earth and Nature.

When Things Happen

To cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 24hrs before your appointment.

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