Aura-Soma® Incense Sticks

Aura-Soma® Incense Sticks

Aura-Soma Energised Stick Incense features 30 different scents which correspond to the Pomanders and Quintessences. Created with our unique blends of essential oils and botanicals grown in biodynamic and organic environments, each combination has been further enhanced with our highly potent energising process.

The manufacture of incense is both a science and an art, and many years of research and development have gone into our work with artisans and experts who are specialists in all aspects of incense production. Everything is done under a single roof - combining the oils and organic materials, hand-rolling each incense stick, testing to ensure maximum burn-time and uniformity, and then the final stage of packaging in an airtight metal cylinder. Each cylinder contains 30 sticks, 14cms (5.5 in.) long, as well as a wooden ash catcher style incense burner.


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