Care for Those Who Care for Us

 Ensuring those who care for us are full of energy to face another day caring for others, I've put together a package to give energy support that is sustained and continual. To do as little or as much as needed. 

Nobody expects super heroes just great people who are able to show up, give quality time and skill to something that helps improve quality of life for others.  I'm passionate about ensuring our carers are cared for.

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The Olivine Package - Continuous support for 12 months

What's in the package...

Unlimited Chakra Colour Massage

The chakras are the major energy centres on the body that help sustain our energy input and output. All Chakras have a unique specific healthy frequency. Sound and colour, also relate to these frequencies. 

The chakra massage uses activated colour products that are manufactured to the same healthy frequency of each Chakra. Gentle massage into each area of the body in direct application, can support healthy, natural balance of the energy of the Chakra and hence, support healthy energy balance of the whole body system. 

My clients have for over 20 years utilised the sustained benefit of this gentle massage as often as needed through times of change, crisis, and for general wellbeing and wellness practices.

Universal feedback is the energy boost and reset, the subtle sense of empowered purpose, renewed general sense of wellbeing and relaxed calm. You don't need to feel flat to feel a little self care goes a long way

We first massage along the back from the base to the crown, then the front from base to crown. We activate the centers with angelic support using colour and sound. The body is then enveloped in an individual frequency to support the etheric body with activation of light seeds then bridging the layers to support natural two-way communication. This is approx 1.5 hrs allowing time to fully relax into the process, each time.

Unlimited Aura-Soma® Consultation and practice.

Harnessing the vibrational powers of Mother Nature, Aura-Soma® is a system of colour, plant and crystal energies that enhance happiness and vitality. Also bringing ease, balance and calm to your energetic (chakra) system, whilst strengthening and protecting the aura to empower and elevate consciousness.

All products created to be used in the unique Aura-Soma® colour system, are  infused with love and beneficial intention, using the highest quality organic and biodynamic ingredients.

Where the Chakra Massage is general, the Aura-Soma® consultation is specific energy nourishment for the individual, a unique energy signature that the individual body recognises. 

Using the products everyday, specific to you and the moment you are in, is very empowering. This is why this has been offered as unlimited in a package, to access as little or as often as you needed. 

Unlimited Highlight Massage

This is when things appear or come up for release, using the body as a conduit to administer application of colour that is specific to general conditions that can arise at time when releasing stuck patterns and emotions collected in a lifetime that no longer serve the individual.

Gentle therapeutic massage into the area highlighted, with support frequencies. This is put together with a care package.

10% of all support products

for the 12 months of the package. As much or as little as needed. 

When you order the package you will receive emails for welcome, a coupon code to if you want to purchase products online for either pick up or local delivery and to help to place your first booking. Plus you can choose when you wish to start the package. You also receive a 14 day free trial and no obligation if you decide it not for you. 

Look forward to sharing a little care for those who care for us.